• Photographer uses Stock Images to Help Sick Children

    April 29, 2014

    Through his Drawing Hope Project, photographer Shawn Van Daele uses his photography and photo editing skills to help children imagine a world outside their sick bed. Using his photos of the children, mixed with stock photography he purchases online, Van Daele places the children into realistic versions o...

  • Tech Tip: Using Curves to make a Photo fit your Style

    April 19, 2014

    Photoshop curves is a powerful tool for photo editing and can be used to create greater contrast, change the color balance, bring more light into a photo, or darken it to change the mood of an image. Master it and you can come up with settings that mimic vintage film or other photography styles. Check out this detailed guide from the online le...

  • 35 Creative Photos to Inspire you this week

    35 Creative Photos to Inspire you this week

    August 16, 2010

    [gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="rand"] It's Monday and everyone is dragging a bit. To kick-start the week off right, Acris Design posted a great selection of Photo-shopped art that will make your eyeballs love you and you...

  • Critical vulnerabilities in Photoshop CS4

    June 02, 2010

    For those of you who use Photoshop CS4, you will want to be aware of a "critical vulnerability" that was found in Photoshop CS4 11.0.1 and earlier for Windows and Macintosh. Here is a short summary of the problem: "Critical vulnerabilities have been identified in ...

  • Resizing your images without quality loss

    September 10, 2009

    We get emails now and again from puzzled photo buyers about image resolutions at Cutcaster and what size photos they need for their specific project now that we offer different image resolutions at Cutcaster. Photo resolution has to be one of the most confusing and misunderstood aspects of digital image editing. Photo resolution only matters i...