• Searching For: Funny

    Searching For: Funny

    February 27, 2014

    Besides cats, our favorite internet distraction is humor.  According to Google Trends one of the most searched for keywords is "funny", and when you're trying to attract customers, encourage people to join your mailing list, or  otherwise get your word out, pairing your concept...

  • You found us how?

    April 01, 2013

    Sometimes strange, sometimes wonderful, always interesting keywords that people use to find Cutcaster.com!  Search Term of the Moment:  Crayon Kid Drawings   I think that might mean coloring book pages! We’ve g...

  • A little Friday humor using stock photos

    October 23, 2009

    Have you seen Francetucky yet? Funny site that uses stock photos to tell a story. Take a look when you want a laugh. Have a great weekend and keep letting us know what you think about the new image search engine we rolled out....