• 10 Suggestions for Better Keywording

    May 12, 2010

    Having the correct and most relevant keywords associated with your files will not only get them in front of the most interested visitors but will improve your ranking in our new search engine. Here are 10 suggestions you can think about when keywording your images. 1. You only need between ten to fifteen (5-15) keywords. Twenty-five (25) is th...

  • 12 Commandments of Keywording your stock images and vectors at Cutcaster

    December 29, 2009

    The 12 Commandments of Keywording success according to Cutcaster ;-) 1. You only need between five to fifteen (5-15) keywords. Twenty (20) would be the most you ever really need. Better tagging means better search results, bringing in more users, which means more sales for your images at higher prices then other sites. We would rather have...

  • Top 40 keyword search queries for last two months at Cutcaster

    November 05, 2009

    Here is a list of the top 40 keyword search queries at Cutcaster over the last two months. They show what keywords that any user types into Cutcaster search area when trying to find your photos and vector art. Top 40 Keyword search terms for ...