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Featured Collection: Winter Sports

For some folks, the season for outdoor sports starts with the first snowfall. Skiers, snowshoers, ice climbers, snowmobliers and other cold weather sport enthusiasts are just waiting for the white stuff to pile up high enough and freeze hard enough for their season of play to being. Cutcaster has a whole lightbox of images perfect for advertising to and announcing to winter athletes that their time is now.



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Wednesday Tech Tip: Capturing Winter Sports

Coming up next Monday we”ll be posting a blog featuring our winter sports lightbox, so we thought it would be a good time to have our sellers check out this blog post on how best to capture one of the hardest types of sports to shoot. Snow+Sun+Action can be incredibly difficult to shoot, but also totally worth the effort.

freeride snowboard

Don’t forget to refer your friends.  We have an excellent referral program!

Wednesday Tech Tip: What to shoot for the holidays

woman in wool sweater and cap

The holidays are quickly approaching, and Cutcaster needs your shots! Christmas is always a popular search, but we’d love to offer Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa and other winter celebration submissions (solstice?). We’re also looking to add more images of winter beyond the typical landscapes and snow covered trees. Take a look at what we already have and then think outside the box- what else says “winter”? Focus on shooting people; think about what kind of outdoor activities you can shoot. Winter is full of possibilities; explore fresh perspectives on old themes.

For inspiration, check out this blog featuring 31 Christmas light photos. Each one uses the warmth or color of the holiday lights, but with very different compositions and themes.

Speaking of holiday lights, candle light can really set a beautiful mood. Check out these Hanukkah candle light shooting tips.