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Call for Vector Artists

Cutcaster is actively seeking new vector artists! Do you have illustrations to add to our collections? Or are you a current contributor who could recruit an illustrator to submit their art? Contact us! And if you refer an artist, don’t forget to have them use your referral code.

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Social Media Icons and Pictures

Online today, most everyone is using social media to connect with friends, business associates or companies. Social media is defined by some as media for social interaction, using highly scalable communication techniques and information that is easily accessible to anyone. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue like we have seen on sites like Twitter and Facebook. For all our users who spend countless hours on social media sites, we created a collection of social media pictures and icons that can be downloaded and used on your blog, any social media site, or company website to make your ideas and brand stand out.

Check out our social media picture collection now.

Exclusive Royalty Free Photos and Illustrations

Cutcaster brings you unique, low-cost, royalty-free photos, stock illustrations, stock images and vectors– all sourced from top emerging creative artists, freelance photographers and graphic designers worldwide.

If you are a creative director, art buyer, graphic designer, blogger, print media publisher, printer, or web designer, Cutcaster‘s fast search engine will find the content you’re looking for: blog pictures, PowerPoint images, book covers, clip art, advertising images and web design thumbnails, all for as little as $1.  Register for free to browse, buy, bid on, and download images.

If you make graphic illustrations, creative photographs, or other artwork, join our community of creative contributors and submit your work.  We will help you access millions of creative buyers worldwide, turning your creative content into cash.

Marketing and Sales Update

Our new email system is in place and working to spread the word but as always we need your help. If you haven’t been using your referral codes and banners to get extra cash, take a look at how the referral program works and start to invite your co-workers and friends to join us. In addition, you can help spread the word by talking about us on forums, email list-serves, using the “share this” button on your studio page or media details page and adding your studio to the major search engines.

On that note….

We are aggressively expanding our buyers list through a number of channels. I make about 20-30 phone calls a day to introduce Cutcaster and learn about how companies are licensing your content. Like I said before it’s a grueling and long process but I see it paying dividends and sales are improving month over month. I realize that not everyone is making sales at this moment so please stay patient as we grow ;-) The addition of corporate accounts and Cutcaster credits will offer buyers another two ways to purchase content from us that work seamlessly in their licensing workflow. I am really excited about the Corporate accounts for large image buyers. In addition, we have been dropping press releases, sending out email blasts to publishers, advertisers and graphic designers, joined two affiliate networks, created coupons and discount codes for buyers to use, optimized our site and blog even more, started buying keywords on major search engines, started advertising in publications that are best for reaching our demographic, going to trade shows for image buyers and doing in office meetings/demos with potential customers.

As always things are happening behind the scenes that would bore you but I hope this sheds light onto what we have been doing to keep ourselves busy and moving successfully forward. If you ever want to talk to me personally my email is john AT cutcaster DOT com or my cell is 215-688-2751. I am free to help at any time ;-)