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Featured Collection: The Timeless Romance of Sepia

If you color any photograph with a rich sepia brown tone,  the transformation is more than simply visual, it is emotional. Sepia evokes the past, with its nostalgic homage to vintage photography. It also has a dreamlike quality that makes even familiar objects and landscapes look as if they are from another world or another time. Cutcaster has a stunning collection of images soaked in sepia tones. Use them to heighten the emotion of your message, and connect with your customers through the romance and magic of sepia.


Featured Photography Collection: Vintage Technology

Vintage technology photographs can be used to simply evoke nostalgia, but they can also be effective in illustrating concepts and ideas in an interesting and original way.

For example, pictures of a vintage typewriter or phone would go nicely alongside a story about modern communication, email or letter writing, and an old radio or record player can enhance a story about music, or create contrast in a blog on current music formats like mp3, cds, and the future of music technology. A collection of colorful clocks speaks to the future, the past and all aspects of time.  Rusting old cars are a great comment on leaving the past behind and looking towards  new concepts (or new cars), and a retro camera is always a terrific image when talking about vision, focus or more literally, photography.