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Featured Collection: Cats

From Grumpy Cat to Lil Bub and all the adorable kitties between, the internet is obsessed with cats. At Cutcaster, we too have love for the kitties, so much that we created a whole cat picture collection full of photographs and vectors of the fluffy felines.

This time of year, as we approach the Halloween holiday, our mind turns to the dark side of cats: spooky black cats. There are many to be found in our cat lightbox!




You found us how?

Sometimes strange, sometimes wonderful, always interesting keywords that people use to find Cutcaster.com!

 Search Term of the Moment:  Crayon Kid Drawings

Coloring book with flower theme 2


I think that might mean coloring book pages!

We’ve got that!

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Royalty free photos and vectors at Cutcaster

Top 10 things Image Buyers Like about their Agency – Understanding Image Buyers in the Stock Industry

Beautiful Portrait Of a Afro American Woman

Are you happy with your image agency?

What features or services do image buyers like and want from photographers or stock agencies? What gets them coming back to your portfolio or the agency that reps your images?

Today, Cutcaster is releasing the comments that some images buyers told us during last year’s survey. We took 10 of the most popular comments and arranged them below in a random order to show you what features or services they like an agency to offer. The question was actually a two-part question and was “What do you like most/least about the stock photo sites that you work with?” Later this week, we will share the things they didn’t like about their current stock image agency. The survey was completed by 344 image users who had used Cutcaster or were working on the stock image business and were mostly from the US or Canada.

Top 10 things image buyers said they liked which their stock agency provided.

1. Current and wide selection of images from international sources at reasonable prices.

2. Special picture collection pricing for royalty free or rights managed photos.

3. Stock agency websites that can show an entire photo purchase history with a simple click to avoid duplicate image purchases.

4. With current rates that image researchers get, we need to work FAST. The most important features for a stock site are direct downloading and embedded metadata. If you do not offer these two things, you are a 2nd tier vendor.

5. Picture pop-up windows to review images instead of having to use “back” button.

6. Advanced features like search filters when we need to give restrictions.

7. Love seeing Creative Inspiration.

8. Great sales help when a user encounters a problem. (From Cutcaster: Most image buyers didn’t say they needed a specific sales representative to help them use an agency)

9. High resolution comp images with metadata embedded.

10. Agencies with multicultural, disabilities, youth, and well executed food shots most cited image needs.

Overall, most image buyers stressed that they needed the highest quality images, fast / accurate search results and lower pricing which is understandable in the current economic environment.

If you are an image buyer, what features would you like to see a stock agency adopt to make your life easier?

Smiley Face Clip Art, Backgrounds and Emoticons

Find every kind of smiley face clip art, smiley face emoticons and everyday smiley faces to brighten up your website or blog visitors. We have a wide selection of animated smiley faces that range from different smiley face emotions, to smiley faces with sunglasses, to a smiley face with 3d glasses, to the classic smiley face on white.  Here are just a few smiley face options below.

9 different Royalty Free Vector Smiley faces

Set of nine smilies with different expressions

Happy Smiley Face - Yellow Button

Yellow Happy Smiley Face Button

Vector of Smiley faces frowning with one smiling

One Smiley face surrounded by frowns

Free Vector of Happy Smiley Face Button Badge

Happy Smiley Face Button Badge

Smiley Face Button Emoticon Family

Smiley Face Button Emoticon Family

Royalty Free Photo of Christmas Smiley Face Yellow

Smiley Face wearing santa hat

To find and download more smiley face clip art, smiley face backgrounds, and sad smiley faces go to Cutcaster to view a curated lightbox full of smiley faces or search for smiley faces at Cutcaster.

Do you have a favorite smiley face at Cutcaster or in your portfolio? Show it to us in the comments below.

Search Update

We are liking the new search and it is really returning better results. Keep the feedback coming.

We just released another new tweak that photo buyers, image researchers and those looking to license vector files will hopefully like and use.

Filename search is functional on live. You can now search by watermark filename (which is what you get if you drag & drop the comp onto your desktop), and by the comp filename (if you click on download comp button). These should help photo buyers find the perfect image and illustrations faster at Cutcaster. Let us know what you think.

The Cutcaster Team