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Featured Collection: Football

‘Tis the season for football fever as teams move into the playoffs and, if they’re lucky, on to the Superbowl. A quick look at Trendsmap.com  last night was filled with football keywords, teams, players, plays and anything and everything football. Use Cutcaster images to illustrate your parties, gatherings, office pools, or whatever you need images for during this last month of football season.


Featured Collection: Holiday Decorations

We’ve got great Christmas lights and ornament photographs and illustrations that are perfect for that email about the office holiday outing, your trim-the-tree party invitation, pre-Christmas sale flyers, or whatever you need them for!





Featured Collection: Weather

Weather affects us all. Sometimes its as subtle as a mood shift, other times as day altering as a rough drive to work. Cutcaster’s weather lightbox features images that can be used to illustrate both literal weather and concepts like “brain storming“, “showering her with gifts/affection/attention“, “winds of change“, “dry spell“, etc. Gather images to use in the event of a snow day or to advise employees and customers to drive safely in bad weather or to make a fun seasonal announcement.


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Call for Vector Artists

Cutcaster is actively seeking new vector artists! Do you have illustrations to add to our collections? Or are you a current contributor who could recruit an illustrator to submit their art? Contact us! And if you refer an artist, don’t forget to have them use your referral code.

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Featured Collection: Shopping

Cutcaster has terrific vectors and photography to promote the season’s favorite activity…shopping! We have adorable wintry shopping images for sales, destination shopping trips, Black Friday and even Cyber Monday. Make shopping look fun with colorful photos and fun illustrations!


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You Found Us How?

Sometimes strange, sometimes wonderful, always interesting keywords that people use to find Cutcaster.com!

Search Term of the Moment: Telecom

Telecom working diagram


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Don’t forget to refer your friends.  We have an excellent referral program!

Royalty free photos and vectors at Cutcaster

Featured Collection: Hunting

Across America, we’re in the middle of the fall hunting season. Maybe you’re in charge of sending out a newsletter about the company hunting trip; or you own a hunting gear shop and you need images to advertise to your customers during your busiest season; or you’re just looking for a great image to create an invitation to your yearly trip to your cabin for deer season. Whatever you’re looking for we have the vectors and photographs you need in our Hunting and Fishing lightbox.




Featured Vector Collection: Monsters

Vampires! Werewolves! Mummies! Oh My!

‘Tis the season for all things that go bump in the night and at Cutcaster we have a special lightbox featuring all the stuff of nightmares. Full of supernatural images ranging from the truly frightening to the merely cute and spooky. Take a look! 


Introducing two new ways to buy images and vectors at Cutcaster

Press Release
San Francisco March 11th, 2009

Cutcaster, the world’s first untapped source of user generated images and vectors that can be securely licensed through it’s dynamic marketplace, announced the release of two new ways to purchase photos and vector illustrations. Cutcaster Corporate Accounts and Cutcaster Credits will empower buyers, reward them with deep discounts and make licensing royalty free images and vectors organized and cost effective. These new payment options are in addition to the micropayment pay-as-you-go purchasing system and content bidding model that Cutcaster currently uses.

“Accounting departments and mangers can take a deep breath as they no longer need to keep track of multiple accounts, the piles of invoices on their desks or getting their private credit card reimbursed by their company later,” explains John Griffin, founder of Cutcaster. “The new Cutcaster Corporate Account and the Cutcaster Credit packages provide total flexibility and control over media buying. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service and offer solutions that meet the media buying industry’s needs.”

The new corporate accounts enable Account Admins to track purchases, download high resolution comps, create unlimited sub-accounts, purchase credits for their account and pass them to the sub-accounts, organize their licenses and manage their account with customizable reporting tools. The corporate accounts can be customized to you’re your changing needs and corporate structure. Cutcaster Credits can be purchased by any registered user and will be sold at a discount. For as little as $45, one can purchase 50 to 5000 credits and when paying, 1 credit will equal $1 on the site. Subscribers can access the same royalty-free content as the ”pay-as-you-go” customers but now have the flexibility to purchase content with credits as well as the option to receive an invoice.

Cutcaster is providing customers two more ways to buy from the largest untapped source of user generated content on the web,” Griffin said, who launched Cutcaster last year and has been growing the image and vector library by around 15,000 new files a week. “We offer a secure way to purchase and license new content that didn’t exist before in the shallow pool of stock out there. Our larger clients kept telling us that they liked the quality and new selection we were providing in the marketplace over others in the industry, but they needed alternative payment models to provide the most flexible and cost effective licensing experience. These new packages offer a perfect solution for our largest publishing, advertising and graphic design customers.”

To learn more follow this link, http://www.cutcaster.com/buy-stock-images-vectors

Businesses can apply at www.cutcaster.com/corporate/RegisterCorporate

About Cutcaster
Cutcaster has tapped into a new and unique source of photo and vector illustrations that can be purchased for any kind of publishing, web design project, printing brochures, advertising, annual reports or electronic usage on websites and presentations. We have created the first model that adds structure to support licensing user-generated photography and vectors when you don’t have the budget to create it yourself. Sellers can set their prices or those new to the world of licensing can use the Cutcaster Algorithm to find the fair market price. We have been described as the “Nasdaq of digital media” or even “the answer to Flickr” for licensing images and vector illustrations. Our licenses are one time royalty free, extended use licenses and cost anywhere from 5 to 20 dollars on average for a high resolution file.