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FTP Server Fixed

We fixed all of the issues with the new FTP server and connecting with Amazon. Some people noticed that there was a difference in the number of files that Cutcaster reported being accepted and in their portfolio versus what they were seeing on the si

te. That issue should also be fixed. The problem was a delay in the re-sizing of the uploaded images which we corrected.

We are making sure we support as many FTP clients and uploading services as possible. We recommend using Filezilla if you want an easy to use FTP client that works at Cutcaster.

We are aware Cyberduck FTP may not be working currently. That will be updated.

Image Review Back to Normal

Our review process is back to normal and review is in full swing again. Any pending images have started to be reviewed again by our review team. You can check the status of your uploads at any time from your account page under “Media Files”; Overview.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing your uploads.

UPDATE- FTP will be released in the next day or so. At that time you will be able to bulk upload files to Cutcaster. We will be releasing more information on the new upload process on the blog and within the upload area.

Cutcaster Contributor Information Regarding Uploaded Images

Welcome to the new Cutcaster.

Any pending images from before the switch, images uploaded after the 21st of Dec 2010 or images, which were previously accepted but missing from your portfolio on the new site, will be moved to your portfolio by Friday. Once these files show up, your earnings from any sales or referrals will be updated automatically. We couldn’t attach a sale to referral earnings to a file/file # that wasn’t currently on the new database/site. We don’t have our pending or rejection area set up in users’ accounts just yet or an area to edit your files but that is coming very shortly. If you would like to change your prices please email webmaster@cutcaster.com with your account URL and price you would like to change the medium sized file to.

In the meantime, the option to upload images via FTP will be released early next week to help with bulk uploading. Do not worry about your pending files from before the switch. We have them saved and will be reviewed shortly. Thank you for your patience. We hope you enjoy the new site and please send us feedback to webmaster@cutcaster.com.

Support for CoreFTP, SmartFTP and CuteFTP

You can now use CoreFTP, CuteFTP and SmartFTP when uploading to Cutcaster. If you need more directions on uploading via these FTP clients please email us at upload@cutcaster.com.

Below are the Core FTP Instructions

Here is how to set up CoreFTP:

Host name is content.cutcaster.com

Username is anonymous.  In CoreFTP you must click on the (a) and it will fill in the password.

Next you have to disconnect.

Next choose Site—->Manager

From there click on the Advanced button

Go to Directory/Folder

In Remote start folder put your unique file number found on this page:  http://www.cutcaster.com/upload/uploadfiles/process  it will look like this:

Your FTP Folder ID


You are now ready to upload.

After upload return to the page above and click the Process FTP button.