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Top ten things you can do to promote your stock photography and vector portfolio and get more sales

Top 10 things you can do to get more views, improve your sales and promote your stock photography and vector portfolio.

1. Take the time to properly keyword your photos and clipart with concise and descriptive words. Use scientific names or exact locations if relevant. In addition, use descriptive titles and unique descriptions for each file. Try not to just cut and paste the metadata. This helps buyers and search engines locate each photo you have in your portfolio.

2. Link to your Cutcaster portfolio from your website, your blog or your email signature on outgoing emails. Create a concise email signature that will be attached to all your outgoing emails and have links to your portfolio in it. Adding a signature to your username is also smart to do if you post in forums or message boards. These links are valuable tools for people to find your photos.

For example, if we used our Cutcaster demo account, we would want to link to this URL. http://www.cutcaster.com/studio/pub/874219924

3. When linking to your portfolio try using anchor text links like “stock photography” or “download photos.” Wikipedia says,
“The anchor text, link label or link title is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines.” This will help Google and other search engines know that your studio link is related to whatever text you use in your anchor link.

For example, if we used our Cutcaster demo account, we would want to link to this URL. http://www.cutcaster.com/studio/pub/874219924 using the anchor text ” Royalty Free Stock Photos

4. Join our Photography Referral Program and use your referral links to send photo buyers and photo sellers to your photography portfolio to find extra ways to make money while you promote your work.

5. Use the Portfolio “Share” button to add your portfolio and photography to social networks that you belong to. Just click on the “Share” button on your studio page or any page that has an image that you like at Cutcaster and add it to the list of social networks.

6. Submit your portfolio studio and lightbox links to Google. This helps Google find your portfolio and index your content faster. You should submit your unique Cutcaster portfolio link that you can find on your studio page to the the major search engines. In Cutcaster’s case we would submit, http://www.cutcaster.com/studio/pub/874219924.

Here is the address to submit those links. http://www.google.com/addurl/

7. Submit your Cutcaster studio page to photography and vector related portfolio sites, directories and forums. You can do Google searches to find the best directories or look at our Photography resource page for good sites to promote your artwork.

8. Create specific photography lightboxes that highlight images around a topic that you know photo buyers are interested in. For example you might want to create a lightbox that relates to Christmas photos and clipart or New Years’ photos with 20 or more of your best photos in it. Or create one that is for Sports photography or Food lightbox related. It is up to you. You can submit these lightboxes to search engines and also send them directly to friends, family and best of all photo buyers.

9. Do your research and create great photos. Look at the information agencies provide you to know what buyers are looking for and where there are under-served, niche markets you can target. Check out what photo agencies are looking for or what is requested by photo buyers in things like ProjectRequest.

10. Use http://search.twitter.com to find out what photos, images or clipart people are searching for or having a hard time finding. Try simple searches like “stock photos” “stock photography” or “find image” and play around with the keywords to find different conversations and searches people are having. Find the buyers and talk to them about what they want and then create it for them. If you have what they are looking for, you can then direct them to your Cutcaster studio page so they can buy it.

Top 40 keyword search queries for last two months at Cutcaster

Here is a list of the top 40 keyword search queries at Cutcaster over the last two months. They show what keywords that any user types into Cutcaster search area when trying to find your photos and vector art.

Top 40 Keyword search terms for stock photos and clip art illustrations at Cutcaster are:

1 photo – Seems sort of obvious!
2 vector
3 calendar – 2010 Calendars are super hot right now.
4 people – Be sure to use this keyword if you have more than one person in your shot.
5 christmas – Tis the season.
6 woman
7 business – We always need fresh business scenes.
8 sport
9 nature
10 person
11 background
12 medical – This is another super hot topic.
13 dog - Be sure to include the breed of dog in your shot in your keywords.
14 girl
15 recreation
16 flower – Scientific names are helpful here.
17 sexy
18 tree - Scientific names are helpful here too!
19 abstract
20 religion
21 food
22 illustration
23 art
24 white
25 sky
26 beach – Let us know where the beach is!
27 isolated
28 color
29 beautiful – All of your shots are beautiful!!!!
30 thanksgiving
31 design
32 detail
33 man
34 landscape
35 flowers
36 halloween
37 green
38 car
39 Water
40 couple

I am going to start to add more info to the site about what keyword searches are taking place. I would love to hear any ideas that you guys have for how we can display this information to you. Are there statistics relating to keyword searches that you want to see? Please let us know by email or in the comments. As always please do not spam your files with these keywords but they will give you a small idea of what people are searching for at Cutcaster.