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Wednesday Tech Tip: Photographing Animals

Animals can be regal, loyal, silly or just plain adorable, and with a little creativity and composition you can use them to convey and explore emotions and concepts. Check out this blog post from Photo.net featuring both familiar and exotic animals telling a story in a single image. Then check out some of the images featured below for Cutcaster animals with personality- images we love:

Gorilla ape close up portraitcutcaster-100366611-Mad-eyes-smallhorse laughing

Roaring lion






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Wednesday Tech Tip: Photo tips from National Geographic

National Geographic has over 100 years of experience putting the best images by the best photographers on its pages. Their website has a section devoted to their present and past photography and photographers. Get inspired by their Photo of the Day archive, live vicariously through their photo blog, Proof, featuring the stories behind the international shoots, and pick up photo tips direct from National Geographic photographers.

Take the time to peruse this incredible collection of photography and think about what makes these images so amazing- so National Geographic worthy.


Wednesday Tech Tip

As the summer ends, image searches turn towards the fall and the upcoming holidays. First up is Halloween, and Photojojo.com has some advice for capturing the perfect “Scary Snap”.

Halloween creepy pumpkin

They’ve also got 12 absolutely essential tips for shooting fall leaves.

Branch of autumn maple foliage with sunlight

Get out there and capture the season!

Wednesday Tech Tip

Making-of-Replichrome-Infographic1Replichrome: “Better Photography Through Science”.

Totally Rad! has created what they and others are touting as the best analog film emulator available, featuring 134 presets to bring a classic film look to your digital photography. It’s a pretty awesome and nerdy story:


“To develop Replichrome Film for Lightroom, we collected the most popular film stocks in the world, then shot that film in every lighting condition with every camera we could get our hands on. Next, we scanned our film at some of the best labs in the country, on both Noritsu™ and Frontier™ scanners (because true filmophiles know that makes a difference!) Using that test data, we developed presets that are truly accurate with all cameras, in both Lightroom and ACR. In short, we did what they said couldn’t be done.”