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Support for CoreFTP, SmartFTP and CuteFTP

You can now use CoreFTP, CuteFTP and SmartFTP when uploading to Cutcaster. If you need more directions on uploading via these FTP clients please email us at upload@cutcaster.com.

Below are the Core FTP Instructions

Here is how to set up CoreFTP:

Host name is content.cutcaster.com

Username is anonymous.  In CoreFTP you must click on the (a) and it will fill in the password.

Next you have to disconnect.

Next choose Site—->Manager

From there click on the Advanced button

Go to Directory/Folder

In Remote start folder put your unique file number found on this page:  http://www.cutcaster.com/upload/uploadfiles/process  it will look like this:

Your FTP Folder ID


You are now ready to upload.

After upload return to the page above and click the Process FTP button.