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New Referral Program banners and graphics

Want an easy way to make more money and be the first to share with your friends and colleagues a great website for finding the perfect images or illustrations? Kill two birds with one stone by adding the banners to your website, blog or social network sites in order to refer new members to Cutcaster and get paid. The banners are automatically linked with your unique referral ID and you just need to cut and paste the code into your website. See the details below and check out the new referral page to download your unique referral banners and graphics.

Create a referral link

Add a referral link to your blog, or include it in an email or any other online communication.
Users who come to Cutcaster through your link and complete a transaction, regardless of if they sign up or not, will automatically be credited to your referral account. (Note: Users must have their cookies enabled for the referral to be credited to you.)

To create a link, add a forward slash (/) to the end of any Cutcaster URL, and then add your referral code, shown below:

Let’s say for our example the referral test code is: #R874219924


To share Cutcaster’s homepage: http://www.cutcaster.com/#R874219924
To share your Studio page: http://www.cutcaster.com/search/portfolio/874219924/

This will ensure that any users who click through from that link and make a purchase or sell an image through Cutcaster you will get a percentage of that royalty payment we collect. The referred user needs to have their cookies enabled and sign up or checkout within 30 days of clicking on your link.

Get paid

You can request a payout at any time after your account balance (unpaid accrued earnings) reaches $25. Payments are made via PayPal or by check.

Click the following link to sign up for Cutcaster’s referral program and get your banners today.

Click on the below graphics to see the entire banner.


Image Volume. Getting noticed with 40 images or less?

Cutcaster contributors are our lifeblood and their artwork is what has helped us grow our base of loyal picture buyers and kept the lights on. We have over 4000 contributors at Cutcaster, who have uploaded at least one file to the site. Some like Yuri Arcurs, Elena Elisseeva, iofoto or MonkeyBusiness Images have thousands of images while many other equally as talented contributors have less than 40 images a piece on our site. What is so important about the number 40?

If you uploaded 40 or less files to Cutcaster and then just stopped, you may be scratching your head why your images don’t come up more in searches or produce more sales. If you are less than 40 it might be time to upload more photos. Here’s why:

You might ask yourself, “What´s wrong with 40?” or “I will wait until I see sales before I upload more.”

Cutcaster now has over 800,000 unique, high quality stock photos and stock vectors from amazing contributors all over the globe. We are getting pickier and pickier with our selection as we grow. If we take a contributor’s portfolio on Cutcaster, which has 40 accepted images and compare it to Cutcaster’s entire collection of over 800,000 files, you start to see why constantly uploading or having a larger portfolio at Cutcaster is a good strategy to get more eyeballs on your content.

1. For every 1 of the pictures in the 40-something contributor’s portfolio there are roughly 20,000 royalty free stock photos or vectors from other contributors at Cutcaster competing with your 1 image.

So the chance that your image will be seen, first in our collection, and secondly, on our website, is comparable to the odds that you will become a professional athlete: 1 in 22,000, which for most of us is pretty slim.

How can you correct this and get the odds back in your favor?

New and old contributors need to have an image presence of at least 500-1000 images to expect regular sales that they can rely on for earnings, since they are competing for buyers’ eyeballs and attention on our website. If you only have 40 photos now, you might make an occasional sale, but in order to make more money, you need to upload more of your images to Cutcaster or expand the diversity of your portfolio. It’s time to turn that 40 into 400 or even better 4000. Good luck.

Note: The above images can be purchase at Cutcaster by following the below links.





Image Review Back to Normal

Our review process is back to normal and review is in full swing again. Any pending images have started to be reviewed again by our review team. You can check the status of your uploads at any time from your account page under “Media Files”; Overview.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing your uploads.

UPDATE- FTP will be released in the next day or so. At that time you will be able to bulk upload files to Cutcaster. We will be releasing more information on the new upload process on the blog and within the upload area.

Cutcaster Contributor Information Regarding Uploaded Images

Welcome to the new Cutcaster.

Any pending images from before the switch, images uploaded after the 21st of Dec 2010 or images, which were previously accepted but missing from your portfolio on the new site, will be moved to your portfolio by Friday. Once these files show up, your earnings from any sales or referrals will be updated automatically. We couldn’t attach a sale to referral earnings to a file/file # that wasn’t currently on the new database/site. We don’t have our pending or rejection area set up in users’ accounts just yet or an area to edit your files but that is coming very shortly. If you would like to change your prices please email webmaster@cutcaster.com with your account URL and price you would like to change the medium sized file to.

In the meantime, the option to upload images via FTP will be released early next week to help with bulk uploading. Do not worry about your pending files from before the switch. We have them saved and will be reviewed shortly. Thank you for your patience. We hope you enjoy the new site and please send us feedback to webmaster@cutcaster.com.

How to Build A Photography Business With Multiple Streams Of Income

Understanding multiple revenue streams in today’s economy can give you a leg up over other photographers competing in your industry. Over at the Virtual Photography Studio blog, the writers posted an interesting article on expanding your photography income so you are not relying on only one source of income to pay all your living expenses and retire on. It’s more common for less experienced photographers to only have one source of income and not diversify their streams of income. This could potentially set themselves up for money troubles if that revenue stream dries up one day. The article talks about setting up multiple streams of income so that as a photographer you can have several sources money coming in, thus making it more unlikely that all your cash will dwindle to zero because you have been relying on one source to supply you with all your money. If you are a photographer, who is just starting out or need a few ideas for how you can make more money with your photography this is a great way to educate yourself on other money making options your photography skills can bring you.

Here are the top three extra sources of revenue that we found to be the most interesting for our readers.

1. For obvious reasons- Stock/Microstock
As you are shooting an event or a portrait, why not spend a little extra time creating stock images? Microstock may not pay well per image, but add it up over time with a bunch of different images selling well, and you’ll quickly have a very effective stream of income.

2. Training
Why not teach your clients how to use their digital cameras better? Or bring them in for a fun craft project involving their portrait experience? Great add-on sale with a portrait experience.

3. Affiliate
Many different product and service businesses offer partnership opportunities where you make a commission if you bring in a sale. While it may not be much, every little bit helps. And if you end up bringing in $100 from to different partnerships every month, it quickly becomes a pretty significant part of your monthly revenue.

Top ten things you can do to promote your stock photography and vector portfolio and get more sales

Top 10 things you can do to get more views, improve your sales and promote your stock photography and vector portfolio.

1. Take the time to properly keyword your photos and clipart with concise and descriptive words. Use scientific names or exact locations if relevant. In addition, use descriptive titles and unique descriptions for each file. Try not to just cut and paste the metadata. This helps buyers and search engines locate each photo you have in your portfolio.

2. Link to your Cutcaster portfolio from your website, your blog or your email signature on outgoing emails. Create a concise email signature that will be attached to all your outgoing emails and have links to your portfolio in it. Adding a signature to your username is also smart to do if you post in forums or message boards. These links are valuable tools for people to find your photos.

For example, if we used our Cutcaster demo account, we would want to link to this URL. http://www.cutcaster.com/studio/pub/874219924

3. When linking to your portfolio try using anchor text links like “stock photography” or “download photos.” Wikipedia says,
“The anchor text, link label or link title is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines.” This will help Google and other search engines know that your studio link is related to whatever text you use in your anchor link.

For example, if we used our Cutcaster demo account, we would want to link to this URL. http://www.cutcaster.com/studio/pub/874219924 using the anchor text ” Royalty Free Stock Photos

4. Join our Photography Referral Program and use your referral links to send photo buyers and photo sellers to your photography portfolio to find extra ways to make money while you promote your work.

5. Use the Portfolio “Share” button to add your portfolio and photography to social networks that you belong to. Just click on the “Share” button on your studio page or any page that has an image that you like at Cutcaster and add it to the list of social networks.

6. Submit your portfolio studio and lightbox links to Google. This helps Google find your portfolio and index your content faster. You should submit your unique Cutcaster portfolio link that you can find on your studio page to the the major search engines. In Cutcaster’s case we would submit, http://www.cutcaster.com/studio/pub/874219924.

Here is the address to submit those links. http://www.google.com/addurl/

7. Submit your Cutcaster studio page to photography and vector related portfolio sites, directories and forums. You can do Google searches to find the best directories or look at our Photography resource page for good sites to promote your artwork.

8. Create specific photography lightboxes that highlight images around a topic that you know photo buyers are interested in. For example you might want to create a lightbox that relates to Christmas photos and clipart or New Years’ photos with 20 or more of your best photos in it. Or create one that is for Sports photography or Food lightbox related. It is up to you. You can submit these lightboxes to search engines and also send them directly to friends, family and best of all photo buyers.

9. Do your research and create great photos. Look at the information agencies provide you to know what buyers are looking for and where there are under-served, niche markets you can target. Check out what photo agencies are looking for or what is requested by photo buyers in things like ProjectRequest.

10. Use http://search.twitter.com to find out what photos, images or clipart people are searching for or having a hard time finding. Try simple searches like “stock photos” “stock photography” or “find image” and play around with the keywords to find different conversations and searches people are having. Find the buyers and talk to them about what they want and then create it for them. If you have what they are looking for, you can then direct them to your Cutcaster studio page so they can buy it.