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Splatter Paint Background Illustrations

At Cutcaster, we want to take a bit of time each week to recognize and highlight a new lightbox of illustrations and photos in our growing photo library which illuminates our artists’ talent, uniqueness and creativity. This week, we chose a rainbow splatter illustrations lightbox. It’s full of background splatters, splatter paint backgrounds, ink splatters, rainbow paint splatters and many more splatter backgrounds. It’s an explosion of rainbow colors and after a weekend of rain in San Francisco, we thought it was appropriate to bring out the rainbows.

Here are a couple new rainbow splatter themed vectors from the Cutcaster collection.

Stock Vector of rainbow curve

drawing of beautiful rainbow curve in a black background

Stock Vector of ink splat rainbow white

Ink splat rainbow white

Vector stock of ink splatter rainbow black

Ink splatter color rainbow black

Stock Vector of rainbow paint dribble

Rainbow paint dribble vector

Stock Vector of Sound of rainbow

Colorful Sound of rainbow with musical notes

Stock Vector of butterfly rainbow

Butterfly splatter rainbow

Vector Illustrations used above can be found below through these links.

Butterfly rainbow splatter

Ink splat rainbow on white

Rainbow Curve

Rainbow paint dribble

Ink splatter rainbow on black

Lightbox Collection found here.

Illustrations Rainbows