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Dad doesn’t want a tie again for Father’s Day

After giving thanks to all the deserving Moms last month on Mother’s day, it’s now the Dads turn to shine on Father’s Day. Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries and on other days elsewhere. It complements Mother’s Day, the celebration honoring mothers. How will you be giving thanks and celebrating Father’s day 2011?

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10 Fun Easter Pictures, Easter Egg Clipart and of course the Easter Bunny

Easter is fast approaching and it’s just about that time when image buyers and researchers begin their image search to find the best Easter pictures for Easter 2011. According to Christian religion, Easter is the greatest feast day in the Christian 2011 calendar, and celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year Easter 2011 falls on April 24th. Our creative team at Cutcaster has assembled a few Easter picture lightboxes to help find the best Easter images fast. Cutcaster offers a wide selection of easter clipart, easter bunny pictures, easter egg picture as well as free easter pictures. So if you need Easter photos or vectors for your Easter basket, an Easter egg hunt or to symbolize the religious significance of the day check out our Easter photo collection and Easter egg picture lightbox.

The above Easter pictures are the copyright of their respective owners and can be purchased and used for only a few dollars after you purchase a royalty free license from Cutcaster.

Photo Link Shortener Picz.us adds Cutcaster – Supports Referral codes

Cutcaster is happy to announce that you can now use the Picz.us link shortener to share your Cutcaster URLs on social media services like Twitter and Facebook. This makes it very easy for you to add your referral code to any link so your visitors to browse and purchase related images from your online stock photography portfolio at Cutcaster and you get rewarded with cash for any sales or purchases made by the people you refer.

You need to sign up for the link shortener service and then add your Cutcaster user ID to your profile in the Picz.us system (your user ID is the 9 digit number in your public profile link or any of your referral links for Cutcaster). Now, if you make a short URL to any image, search page, or other section at Cutcaster, your link is updated to include your referral/affiliate ID automatically and the visitor is sent directly to the long URL (like bit.ly) and you get credit for the referral.It’s now even easier to make money for sharing your Cutcaster links on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site.

Try out the new service and share your Cutcaster portfolio and images with the world and at the same time get rewarded with cash for sending traffic back to your photography or illustrations.

Search Update

We are liking the new search and it is really returning better results. Keep the feedback coming.

We just released another new tweak that photo buyers, image researchers and those looking to license vector files will hopefully like and use.

Filename search is functional on live. You can now search by watermark filename (which is what you get if you drag & drop the comp onto your desktop), and by the comp filename (if you click on download comp button). These should help photo buyers find the perfect image and illustrations faster at Cutcaster. Let us know what you think.

The Cutcaster Team