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Why buying Cutcaster credits is an easy payment option?

Buying credits to license royalty free stock images and vector illustrations at Cutcaster gives you one more way to quickly download and license your desired files at a discount. When a user has available credits in their Cutcaster Credit account, they are able to control their budget and immediately download images or vectors from the site without having to checkout every time. It’s ONE simple click. The credit packages range from $23-4000.

On your MyCart page, if you click on the checkout button it will go directly to the usual checkout page where you have two options to pay. The first option is “pay-as-you-go,” which allows you to download any of the content at Cutcaster using any major credit card. The second option is buying credits in bulk at a discount and then using them. If, however, your Available Credits are less than the Total Amount of the items in their cart, you can use a credit card to purchase the files or buy more credits. But if your Available Credits are greater than the Total amount, you can choose between using your Cutcaster Available Credits or just use your credit card.

If you have any questions give us a call at 215-688-2751 and ask for John or email us at webmaster@cutcaster.com. To see a comparison of the different credit packages click on http://www.cutcaster.com/credits.

Payment Choices at Cutcaster- More flexibility to fit into your workflow

photo payment choices

Payment Choices

1. Pay as you go (classic micro-payment model)

We accept any major credit card.  Add as many files as you want to your cart and pay for only the images or vectors you need with any major credit card. Downloading is instantaneous.  It is simple and quick.

2. Cutcaster Credits

Buy multiple credits at one time and get a huge discount.  Purchasing credits to download images and illustrations at Cutcaster gives you one more way to manage your accounting and not have to checkout every time.  Checkout is a simple click and your done.

1 Dollar = 1 Credit

3. Cutcaster Invoice System

Our revolutionary, time saving invoice system helps you keep track of all your statements, invoice requests, the rights your purchased and will notify you when payments are about to go due.  You have to see how easy it is to use to believe it.

An invoice can be requested from your “Download Manager” on your studio page or by sending us an email at invoice@cutcaster.com at any time and will be responded to within the hour with your invoice and usage rights included.  We will work tirelessly to make life easier on you.

invoice request

4. Have you ever bid for content? Name your Price is here.

Cutcaster is the only marketplace where you can name your price and negotiate directly with a seller if you choose.  If the content is priced higher than your budget or you have extra time to negotiate the price you want to pay for the royalty free license, then anyone can name their price.