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Cutcaster’s April Newsletter

The new Cutcaster is rocking and rolling. Traffic and sales are improving each day and the reviews from our customers and contributors have been outstanding. Shortly, we’ll begin our first real advertising and marketing campaigns for the new site. Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity?

Upload your newest artwork to attract the attention of picture buyers who are searching now at Cutcaster. Uploading new content, as often as possible, is the best way to get higher placement in our search results as well. Learn from this short uploading video how to upload multiple pictures at once via our new FTP system.

Want to know a great way to get more sales and impress visitors that land on your portfolio page? Organize niche sets of your images with our newly released Lightboxes. We’ve seen that creating lightboxes has led to an increase in views and sales for images included within them. Why not create your first lightbox now to see how it works? This short lightbox video shows you how easy they are to create.

Are you telling your friends and colleagues about Cutcaster and using your referral codes so you get earn easy cash at the same time? See how to add a referral link to your webpage, blog or forum signature that points to your portfolio and gives you cash when new users signup.

If we aren’t already connected on our Facebook page and Twitter page, please take a moment to connect with us.

Your Cutcaster Team.

Cutcaster October Review and Highlights

Fall is here, and Cutcaster is in full swing. We now have a carefully-reviewed and edited down collection of over 525,000 photos and illustrations from emerging artists worldwide like yourself, and we are constantly working to get this collection in front of image buyers. We released a new version of our search engine making it easier and faster to find and purchase photos.  We are also knee-deep in redesigning our next version of the website and overhauling our back-end.  Traffic to the site and sales are up, but we know the main reason you joined Cutcaster was to get a trusted partner to help make you money. Please know that we are working tirelessly on this, and appreciate your support as we grow.

Here’s quick round-up:

Create a funny photo caption and win $50, $20 or $10 in Cutcaster credits if your photo caption is one of our favorites. We launched a new weekly contest in which you submit funny tag-lines for photos we post and each week we pick three winners. See the photo this week and make us laugh!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Stock Photo License, a new educational resource dedicated to helping image users and buyers avoid legal pitfalls and better understand copyright law. We are actively seeking partners and individuals who would like to contribute to the site. Check out the site here or read more about Stock Photo License on our blog.

Have you added a link to your Cutcaster portfolio, or to individual images or lightboxes at Cutcaster?  Please do so if you have not. Links, “Likes” and “Re-Tweets” improve our visibility in search engines and social networks.  In other words, they make a BIG difference in driving buyers to your work and compliment all the work we are doing in the background, so please link and like as much as possible!

Want a chance to win the latest iPad or $500 in Cutcaster credits? (That buys you as many as 500 images on Cutcaster.)  Take two minutes to complete our Photo buyer survey and we will enter you in our drawing for prizes at the end of the month. Check out the details on our Design and Photography blog or go directly to the survey by clicking here. If you are a seller, we want to improve and provide the best service to you as is humanly possibly but we need your help. Please lend us two minutes of your to complete our anonymous Photo Contributor Survey.

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace for inspiration and links to top-notch resources. We have dug through countless websites and blogs to find the best of the best, and we want to share it with you.  Give us support and important feedback by hitting “Like” on our Facebook posts or retweet posts that you like by us. If you follow us on Twitter so we can follow you back.




Cutcaster Highlights July 2010

Summer is here, you need some extra cash,

Send us new content or referrals, we’ll earn you money in a flash…

Want to see the content Cutcaster needs and photo buyers are requesting? We can help you upload and submit any content to free up your time, if you email us at upload@cutcaster.com.

In addition, use our referral program by adding a Cutcaster banner to your website or blog or adding a link to your email signature and get paid a percentage of all sales

Learn more here.

We have been busy modifying our search engine so it helps you quickly locate the perfect image within our diverse library of royalty-free photos and illustrations. Get search results fast without a lot of scrolling.

Compare Cutcaster image prices, sizes, and discounts and you’ll see Cutcaster is among the most affordable agencies in the business. With our diverse collection, you’ll find images for virtually any project at any budget, with images from under $1.

Sign in to Cutcaster and see how easy we’ve made it to search, purchase credits, and download great images!  Use this coupon for 20% off your next purchase through the end of July.

Coupon Code – July20off

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March 2009 Cutcaster Newsletter

Well… I made it.

Cutcaster is now officially bi-coastal. We have extended our reach to include a San Francisco office as well as our “Big Apple” one and as I sit here looking out at the Golden Gate bridge from my new home, I wanted to touch on a lot of great things that have been happening since the move.

We will be introducing a new credit purchasing system and the availability of corporate accounts for large buyers who want to be invoiced at Cutcaster over the next week. These new payment options are in addition to being able to download content by credit card over the site.  Keep an eye out for this next week and if you are interested in a corporate account or more details, email john@cutcaster.com.

We just introduced coupons and discounts for buyers. As a thank you, here is a code for 25% off your first or next Cutcaster purchase.  Use it yourself or send it to a buyer with your referral codes so they can try out the site and you get credit for sending them. 

Here is the code you enter upon checkout- FTCS25OFFCutcaster

Need ideas for your next shoot or want to know what is missing from the image marketplace.  Check out: Image Requests – Show us Your Creative Minds or this to see where there are holes in the image market that can be targeted and filled by your next shoot: Conversation with Large Informed Buyer.

Keywording. We need your help. Can you please go refine your keywords from your studio page if you have not and make sure they are specific to what is in the image or illustration?  Here is a link for how to keyword better at Cutcaster so you have more sales: Keyword tag requirements help and a link for how search works so you can tailor your keywords: Advanced Search tips at Cutcaster.


Join the debate on extended licensing and how we should set it up: Extended Licenses = Print Run and Seat Restrictions.


Don’t forget about our referral program where you can make more money just by referring people.  Log into your studio and click on the “Referral” tab to learn more. 


Are there features you want us to build?  Let us know here: Feedback/Bugs.


Can you help us with a survey we are conducting for photographers?  I will post the results of this anonymous poll once we are done so you can see the answers. 


And finally follow us on twitter, myspace or Facebook  if you are not already.  We want to stay in contact with you so connect with us.   



John and the Cutcaster Team