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ASPP Event Recap from San Francisco

A big thanks goes out to Mike Kahn of ASPP on the West Coast for setting up a great event at Osha Lounge in San Francisco for other ASPP members. It was great to meet some new people and see some faces that I recognized. Here’s a summary from the event last week.

We had a great ASPP Bay Area Meet & Greet event on July 29th in San Francisco at Osha Lounge. True to ASPP form we had a great mix of publishers, photo editors, photo agencies, photographers, and service providers in attendance. Topics of conversation ranged from how to locate historic images to the pros and cons of Google image search.

The good news is that there was definitely interest in having more events in the Bay Area. Possibilities discussed included more happy hours, bowling, guest speakers (such as someone from Google Image Search), and a gallery or museum tour. Feel free to submit other suggestions too! If you live in the SF area or are here visiting please join us for our next event.

Here are a few of the attendees who we had the chance to meet and speak with:

Nora Agbayani – Senior Photo Editor, McGraw-Hill
Ray Chipault (w/Partner) – President, Underwood Archives
Stephen Forsling – Photo Researcher
Me, John Griffin – President, Cutcaster
Mike Kahn – President, Green Stock Media
Suzie Katz – Photographer
Judy Mason – Photo Researcher
Bristin Parks – Marketing, PicScout
Natalia Peschiera – Photo Editor, McGraw-Hill

Looking forward to the next event.