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Cutcaster makes stock photography search faster, more accurate

Today, Cutcaster re-launched with several upgrades that address growing needs in the stock image marketplace for both image buyers and sellers.

We wanted to make changes that would translate to real improvement for all our users. Our search engine now helps buyers find, filter and download relevant images more quickly, and we’ve made it easier for our contributors to sell their images and earn good money doing it.

We’ve now combined an easy-to-use search interface with a highly accurate contextual search engine that disambiguates word meanings. As the user types in keywords, the engine determines their meaning and the intention of the searcher to provide more accurate image results. As the searcher applies additional filters—for number of people, orientation or dominant color, for example— search results are updated immediately, making it easy to focus and expand results as necessary. If a keyword has multiple meanings, a user will be able to select their meaning by clicking on the keyword to choose the right meaning. We do all the rest.

The checkout process has been improved as well with simplified pricing, shown in credits and dollars, and the introduction of PayPal. Our goal was to make downloading images as seamless as possible for people. Users don’t even have to register to buy, and now they have even more secure payment options.

For its contributors, Cutcaster has increased its royalty payments to one of the highest rates in the industry. Our rate are going from 50% to 55%. We want to continue offering excellent images from great contributors, and our rates help us attract and choose the best. At a time when other sites are reducing their royalty percentages and payouts, we’re increasing them.

A greatly simplified user interface facilitates how contributors upload their images and view their image stats. We will have the FTP upload option enabled again after next week but you can upload images now via the upload area in your account. The whole site is optimized for our sellers now. There’s no guesswork, from signing up to providing the right tax forms, to getting paid.

We hope you enjoy all the improvements and we welcome your feedback.

New search features and more streamlined pages coming soon

Over the next month, we plan to roll out a number of exciting new image search features and design changes at Cutcaster that will drastically improve your experience when buying and selling images. This entire spring and summer, we have worked hard planning, re-designing and testing the new website’s features and infrastructure to make sure it is a product we are proud to release and you are happy to use.

Pull out the surgeon’s knife because five pages at the current Cutcaster are getting a major facelift. The search page, product page, checkout area, account page and, lastly, the homepage. This is an effort to simplify navigation around the site, shorten the amount of clicks from search to checkout and re-organize our message around the site so we can prepare the site for translation into multiple languages.

New features will include a completely overhauled search engine that automatically identifies the meaning behind a keyword used in search to drill down to the most relevant content, more options at checkout for downloading images and a simplified pricing system to give buyers even better discounts when buying repeatedly at Cutcaster. Also be on the lookout for a visual search engine that is in the works. More details to come later but all the changes are really sweet and will be a major time saver.

We hope you will enjoy the new release over the coming months and have a great rest of the summer.

Your Cutcaster team.

Search for photos and vectors in German, Spanish, French and more

We have been re-thinking the way buyers can search for stock photos via Cutcaster and are excited to release the first of many updates to our image search engine.

Presenting- Keyword search translation.

What does that mean for image search at Cutcaster?

Going forward, any non-English keyword entered into the search area will be automatically detected, translated and return the relevant image search results in that language. Visitors can search in their native language.

We currently offer support for the following languages via our new search engine feature:
Arabic, French, Latvian, Swedish, Bulgarian, German, Lithuanian, Thai, Chinese (Simplified + Traditional), Greek, Norwegian, Turkish, Haitian Creole, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Hebrew, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Dutch, Indonesian, Russian, Italian, Slovak, Estonian, Japanese, Slovenian, Finnish, Korean, and last, but not least, Spanish. Phewww.

That’s a mouthful of new languages that our picture search engine now supports and will improve the search experience for non-English speaking visitors. For sellers, this should lead to more views and sales for you.

Be on the lookout for more updates from Cutcaster regarding our new checkout area, more search engine updates, more translation features and our growing image collection. Sign up at Cutcaster to receive updates.

The simplest image search around

Our main goals for Cutcaster’s complete overhaul were to make the user experience unbeatable compared to our peers and drastically improve how people searched for images within our image library. Balancing the complexities that go into building a highly intuitive search system with an easy to understand and simple to use search interface for the image searcher is a challenge we met head on. The result is one of the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use image search engines online.

Using our search engine is so easy that it doesn’t need instructions. However we wanted to add some tips and tricks that will get you searching like a professional no matter who you are. It’s finally time to spend less time searching and more time creating.

In addition, we created a new feature just for our image buyers. It’s called “Grouping” and allows you to instantly see if there are more similar images like a particular one you like in a search results page.