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Cutcaster translates website into 15 languages

Recently, we translated Cutcaster into 15 different languages. While it was a large undertaking, translating the site, a lot of the words we had originally used on the English version of Cutcaster lost their meaning when translated into different languages. Some of our translations don’t sound right or lack professionalism when read by someone living or from that country. We are asking for your help. If one of the languages below is your “mother tongue” and you would like to earn a little extra money for a few hours of work checking and correctly our pre-translated versions of the site, we would love to speak with you about this project.

We can provide you with an excel sheet with the short snippets of English and pre-translated text which needs to be checked and corrected if needed. We also can provide you immediate help if you have any questions.

Most phrases that need to have their pre-existing translations examined and in some cases corrected are 1 to 6 words long. There are around 500 phrases that need to be checked.


If you are interested, please let your contact info below and the language you can help with or email us at webmaster@cutcaster.com.

Many thanks,

Find Picture-Perfect Photos through our Free Photo Research

At Cutcaster, we know it’s tough to give up control of the creative process, but we also know how busy your life is.  That’s why we’ve developed a way to reconcile your exacting standards with your crammed schedule.  Pass your creative brief of research list onto our experienced creative research team and we will turn your words into picture-perfect photos.

Let us be your extra set of eyes. We know our collection and our contributors better than anyone, and we will work tirelessly to deliver the useful and striking images you’re looking for. If we have it, we will find it for you.  Our researchers are more than happy to integrate into your team environment or unique work process. Let’s brainstorm together and uncover eye-popping imagery for your brief.

Save time and money by leveraging Cutcaster to assist you in finding your next image.

Cutcaster Launches Copyright and Licensing Resource – Stock Photo License

The legality of digital image use is often murky, and many resources that try to explain it are too full of jargon to make sense to people outside the photography or licensing industries.

Stock Photo License (SPL), a newly created resource from Cutcaster, explains legal photo usage for image researchers, photo buyers or anyone who wants to legally use images found online. Stock Photo License provides a framework for making informed licensing decisions and stock photo purchases, and highlights online resources that can help protect against legal pitfalls.

Check out Stock Photo License and comment below if you have a question about licensing images online.

See a copy of the Stock Photo License press release below.

Cutcaster Launches Educational Copyright Resource, Stock Photo License
September 16, 2010 – San Francisco, California

Stockphotolicense.com, an educational copyright resource for photo buyers and researchers, launches their new website today with the goal of explaining in simple terms how one can use an image online and the various legal complexities of digital image use. The site provides detailed information on image license types, photo copyright issues, legal protections and extensions, using free images, Creative Commons, personal vs. commercial use and provides a list of questions you can ask your image suppliers before you buy an image.

As image use among bloggers, website owners and graphic designers increases, many image users don’t understand specific licensing terms or how to legally use content they find online. This has increased the amount of illegally downloaded images and copyright infringement cases, most of which happen without the image user realizing the legal ramifications of his actions. Stock Photo License provides a checklist roadmap with questions you should  consider to ensure the legality of your online image use.

“We receive a variety of questions relating to the differences between royalty free and free images as well as how an Internet user can utilize images they find online.” John Griffin, of Stock Photo License and Cutcaster said. “Stock Photo License specifically presents information and resources on image licensing and copyright matters for the image researcher, photo buyer or anyone that wants to legally use another person’s image they found online.” The website lists copyright and legal resources as well as asks typical questions with answers to help an image user.

was created by Cutcaster, a photography marketplace that specializes in royalty free photos as well as free images, to serve as a resource for both photographers who upload their images online and those looking to download images. Stockphotolicense.com has an active user base and is seeking to add more resources to its list of specialists. If you own or know of a copyright or licensing resource that could work with Stock Photo License please reach out to the team at team@stockphotolicense.com or follow SPL on Twitter @stockphotousage.

For more information on Stock Photo License please email team@stockphotolicense.com or Cora Reed at cora@cutcaster.com.

About Stock Photo License

Stock Photo License (SPL) presents information and resources on image licensing and copyright matters for the image researcher, photo buyer or anyone that wants to legally use another person’s image they found online. The website’s goal is to provide those who are unsure about image licensing with the information, legal definitions and resources to make informed and legal stock photo purchases. Stock Photo License is for every photo researcher, photo buyer, photo user and photographer who is interested in learning more about the changing landscape of photo licensing and is a collaborative effort between all the parties involved with photo licensing.

About Cutcaster

Cutcaster has tapped into a new and unique source of royalty free photos and illustrations that can be used for any kind of web design, publishing, printing brochures, advertising, annual reports, or presentations. Cutcaster created the first model that adds structure to support licensing user-generated photography and vectors when you don’t have the budget to do it yourself. Sellers can set their prices or use the Cutcaster Algorithm to determine a fair market price. Photo buyers purchase content at a set price or by placing bids.

Visit www.cutcaster.com for more information.

Having trouble making your website?

Having trouble designing your very own website….fear not my brave friends, we have some nice links for you to make your website building experience fun instead of frustrating!


But first, if you just don’t have the time or don’t really care to know how to build your own and just want an easy, ready to go platform to display your lovely photo’s…we suggest you look into…


Jalbum – With this fun and free software, you will have many different themes and designs to choose from to display your own photo lovin’ website (these are called skins).  Jalbum boasts free software, free hosting and a friendly community.  So if you don’t feel like starting from scratch, you should dive in and give them a try.


Now, some helpful links for those that want a more personal approach for their website…the brave builders with their own design in mind.


We’ll start off this venture with HTML and CSS help:


Having trouble keeping your code clean…does it look unkept and messy?  Well, there is a great article called 12 Principles for Keeping Your Code Clean by Chris Coyier for cleaning up that mess!  This article provides screen shots of how to clean it up and some before and after shots of what looks clean.


I know what your thinking, yes I want clean code, but how can I streamline this never ending process!  You can stop pulling out your hair now, because Megan McDermott has created a wonderful article on 21 Ways to Streamline Your CSS.  Or if you would like a little more information about streamlining and keeping your code clean, there is also this nifty little article by Jacob Gube: Resetting Your Styles with CSS Reset.  So now that you have learned how to keep the code clean, you can breeze through the process.  What more could you ask for???


How about when you run into problems and you just don’t know how to fix them or even how to avoid them?  Slamming your keyboard and cursing at your monitor is just not fixing the problem, huh? Well maybe you should look into this blog post – Using CCS to Fix Anything: 20+ Common Bugs and Fixes.  This is only the first part of a series, so if your problem isn’t on there…it could be in the future.


Finally, you’re probably wondering what could make life a little easier…how about some cheat sheets!  Here is a comprehensive list of cheat sheets ready to print Cheat Sheets for Front-end Web Developers.  Don’t spend grueling hours trying to remember the code when you can just look it up on your cheat sheet.




Now that you have the coding in check, what about the Design of your website?



Are those creative juices letting you down?  Do you have too many ideas to narrow them down?  Or is it just taking your forever to accomplish your design?


If it’s taking you forever to accomplish your design, what you need to know are the 48+ Greatest Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts provided by Dainis Graveris.  So stop all the mousing around and go faster with your keyboard!


Still wondering how to get things done in Photoshop?  Have an idea, but not sure how to apply it?  Well, what you need are some tutorials and Dainis Graveris is helping in that area too with 45 Photoshop Tutorial Sites.  Learning Photoshop doesn’t require a 4 year college degree when you can learn from others tutorials….so save yourself those college years.


Looking for some structure?  Not sure how to make your design strategy?  Look no further as Kathy McShea has an intriguing post Web Design Strategy Step-by-Step.  This post will give you the questions to ask yourself on how and what you want out of your design.  It will help you get organized and provide a structure for your website.


Looking for a dark website design but unsure how dark?  Need some inspiration to see what others dark websites look like?  We all need inspiration and Jacob Gube has provided and excellent blog post to help you see what dark can do: 50 Beautifully Dark Web Designs.  So check it out and watch how a dark background on your website can make your colors pop!



Wanting to check your websites usability without is costing you your first born child?


Checking your sites usability can be an expensive task, so let’s look into some cheaper options:


To help your users navigate your website without expensive testing, there is 10 Usability Tips for Web Designers.  This blog post helps you remember important components that should be added into your website for your visitors.


Wondering about your interface and how easy it is for your visitors?  Where should I put my buttons, how should I space me text, and what colors should I use?  Well, all these questions and much more are answered in 10 Useful Techniques to Improve Your User Interface Designs. 



Now you may be wondering about your hyperlinks and how to make them stand out from the rest of the information on your website.  David Hamills blog post Let your hyperlinks shine not only tells you why to have hyperlinks, but also how to make them get noticed on your website.


Wondering why people are ditching your site once they are on it?  Don’t understand what is wrong?  Then you should probably read 14 free tools that reveal why people abandon your website.  These tools will help you realize where you have gone wrong and why people are leaving.  Having a better understanding of why people are leaving your website will help you get a better understanding on how to make them stay!



Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you hanging here…let’s get some finishing touches on that website of yours!


Times New Roman just not your style?  Looking for something a little more eye catching or wild and crazy?  You might want to check out 40+ Excellent Freefonts For Professional Design to feed your need for exciting font.


Another question that might be looming in your head is what about the color? What colors should I use and how will they affect my visitors?  Good question and Colourlovers is here to help you. They even provide color trends!  But if you’re looking for something a little more color basic, you should take a peak at this Colorchart.


In conclusion, we hope you find all this information helpful – so now it’s time to get to work!