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Happy New Year from Cutcaster!

What a year 2009 was! With the Aughts (00s) drifting out of our memories and 2010 taking shape before us, we wanted to thank you for your continuous support and give you a glimpse of what to expect in the next 52 weeks.

2010 represents the year of the Photo Buyer and our New Year’s resolution is to educate more buyers about the benefits of using Cutcaster and sell more photos and illustrations for all our contributors. I know you are not supposed to say your New Year’s resolution out loud because it’s twice as onerous a duty but we know the hard work before us is to prove we can find the buyers and provide them with the amazing content they are looking for.

In the New Year, expect us to introduce new tools, sign partnerships to expand our distribution and upload more great content to augment our existing marketplace. We will focus a majority of our time on the following:

  • Increasing photo buying activity on the site
  • Making the checkout area easier to use for bulk buying
  • Tweaking the search algorithm and re-weighting the results so its more diverse and relevant
  • Making more direct sales calls
  • Attending more buyer conferences
  • Introducing some Cutcaster API’s
  • Promoting more exclusive photos and illustrations on Cutcaster
  • Enhancing the clipfolders so they are easier to use and checkout with
  • Spending as much on advertising in both print and online as we can afford

How you can optimize Cutcaster for your business

  • Spread the word through our photo buyer and seller referral program
  • Link back to www.cutcaster.com from your personal site
  • Keep up the enthusiasm, and continue to be a part of something special from the ground up.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and we are on the path towards success.

Thanks you so much for your continued support, and as always you can contact us if you need any questions answered or assistance.

We raise our collective glasses to you, our valued Cutcaster member, and wish you all the success and happiness in 2010.

The Cutcaster Team

Happy New Year from Cutcaster

What a year and decade! Try to think back on what you were doing for New Year’s in 1999. That was 10 years ago. Hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe New Year’s celebration.

Cutcaster’s Resolution for the New Year: Get more BUYERS and fill the marketplace with more unique photos and illustrations that they can choose.

Have a great start to 2010 and wishing you the best in the new year.