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3 Simple Reasons to Search Cutcaster’s Photo Library

First Class Photos.

Tap into a wide-ranging collection of editor-reviewed imagery, including professionally shot and user-generated photos, vectors and illustrations. Cutcaster adds thousands of pictures and clipart each day.

More bang for your buck

Our flexible buying options stretch your budget as far as your creative imagination. You’ll get flexible payment plans, discount codes for purchasing photo credits and broad legal protection against copyright claims.  Keep enjoying Cutcaster’s popular feature that allows you to do transactions by credit card without forcing you to buy credits in advance. For those of you who like the price savings of buying with credits, we will offer smaller packages of credits for your convenience.

Cutcaster makes it easy

You’re hands are tied enough with deadlines and budget constraints. Our plans are simple to understand and our site is easy to use. Just buy and use. We built a streamlined site with one hell of a search engine that puts all the images you want right at your fingertips – anytime of the day.

Brand Spanking New Search Relevancy Algorithm Released

The engineers at Cutcaster just completed Phase I of our first major upgrade to photo and vector search and have released the latest, never before seen, jazzed up search engine to the live site this evening. Take it for a test spin and let us know what you think. The search returns are more evenly distributed between our outstanding contributors and return a greater variety of images for single words and compound phrases than in the past. We are not done yet though and have much more planned for search and search speed. This is phase 1 of a major revamp which will lead to the right image getting in front of the right customer faster, more satisfied buyers and more sales for contributors. Please let us know what you think below or by email to feedback@cutcaster.com.