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The simplest image search around

Our main goals for Cutcaster’s complete overhaul were to make the user experience unbeatable compared to our peers and drastically improve how people searched for images within our image library. Balancing the complexities that go into building a highly intuitive search system with an easy to understand and simple to use search interface for the image searcher is a challenge we met head on. The result is one of the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use image search engines online.

Using our search engine is so easy that it doesn’t need instructions. However we wanted to add some tips and tricks that will get you searching like a professional no matter who you are. It’s finally time to spend less time searching and more time creating.

In addition, we created a new feature just for our image buyers. It’s called “Grouping” and allows you to instantly see if there are more similar images like a particular one you like in a search results page.

Enter the Bees Award – Recognition in Social Media

Last year we had the honor of being one of the first sponsors and presenters at the Bees Awards, which recognizes excellence in using social media. The Bees team is at it again and will be holding their second annual Bees Awards this May and they wou

ld like to invite you to submit your best social media work. The deadline is March 31, 2011.

Visit: www.beesawards.com
4 days left before the next entry cost increase.

The Bees Awards – 1st international social media marketing awards -
will be held on May 3, 2011 at the Legion of Honor of San Francisco.
A jury of 20 experts from 15 countries will grant recognition to the
best social media campaigns of the world.

Participation in 2010:
- 21 countries
- 74% large brands
- 5 continents

Meet with the 2011 jury: www.beesawards.com/bees/2011jury
Review the 2010 winners: www.beesawards.com/bees/finalists2010

Submit your work today at: www.beesawards.com/bees/entry

Update regarding older files and earnings

All files that were REVIEWED and ACCEPTED from the old Cutcaster are now on the new site and should be up-to-date. This relates to files that were uploaded and accepted after the 21st of Dec as well as a few other lingering files which we pulled over.

Any files that were pending or submitted after the new site was released are still in REVIEW. They will be reviewed and moved to your portfolio by the end of this week.

In addition all your image earnings and referral earnings should be up-to-date and complete. If you see any differences, please contact webmaster@cutcaster.com.

FTP uploading will be available at the end of this week.

Thank you guys.

The Cutcaster Phoenix

Today, we released the new Cutcaster, your royalty free photo and stock vector marketplace. Completely re-built from the ground up with a simplified search and dramatically improved user experience. We hope you will enjoy the upgrade.

Image buyers needed speed. They needed a top notch but simple to use image search. And they need great royalty free images at affordable prices. We pulled up in the ‘Ferrari of Search Engines’ with the passenger side-door wide open. Our image search tool is now superior in speed, accuracy and ease of use, freeing up users to focus on their creative projects.

Notable site improvements include faster image loading time, increased functionality, improved site layout, cleaner architecture and a simplified design that lets buyers focus on the image buying experience. As always, browsing by image categories or searching by keywords on Cutcaster is completely free and you don’t need to sign-up. When a user searches with keywords, they can then filter their search options by: categories, colors, contributor’s name, vertical or horizontal orientation, picture resolution, price, relevance and image format — including jpeg and/or vector files. The moment a user finds an image that meets their needs, they can further refine their selection from the “Similar Pictures” filter or by choosing another image from the same cluster of images. Picture buyers can immediately purchase images with any major credit card or use site credits to download the images, which comes with a record of it’s metadata.

While some photo agencies were pinching pennies from their users’ pockets or others were closing their doors because of the economy, the Cutcaster team dedicated themselves over the last 9 months to learning more about their customers’ needs, learning more about online image search and building one of the fastest and simplest user experiences for searching and downloading royalty free images.

Don’t ‘Betta’ against the Phoenix. We have risen from the ashes of our old site and now look confidently towards the future.

About Cutcaster
Cutcaster is a simple-to-use website for intelligently searching and downloading royalty free photos, hi-res pictures, stock vectors and free stock images for use on websites, presentations, newsletters, ads, books or any commercial project. Browse our enormous image categories, search faster with our intuitive search engine and download affordable creative imagery for as little as a few dollars.

Visit http://cutcaster.com/ to experience the dramatic improvement.

Happy Thanksgiving Pictures, Photos, Illustrations and Clipart

Wow. Is this year almost over? Time does fly and we wanted to take a moment to give thanks and wish all our contributors and customers at Cutcaster the most success and happiest of times during the holiday season. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Check out our newest collection of Thanksgiving pictures and Thanksgiving vector stock.

Thanksgiving turkey with blank sign

Thanksgiving turkey with blank sign

Thanksgiving themed still life with pumpkin and corn (with texture overlay)

Thanksgiving still life with pumpkin and corn

Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner- Notes

Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner

Two cobs of indian corn close up

Two cobs of indian corn close up

Time to throw the baby out with the bath water, as they say!

Let the trumpets blast. It’s time for a little change-up.

For the last 9 months,we have been quietly planning, re-designing and writing code for the new and improved version of Cutcaster. (This is when you can picture our team huddled around the drawing board, burning the midnight oil and planning out the re-design).

The new site, which is still being tested, should launch by the first of next year. It will drastically improve the sites design, usability, search engine optimization, page load speed, sales conversions and overall visual appeal. The first version of Cutcaster allowed us to see how people used the site. What people liked.  What confused people. What didn’t work. Some of it made us proud and some of it was frustrating. From the start, we always asked for your feedback and now you will see how YOUR feedback shaped our redesign.

Why the change?

This was long overdue and has been carefully planned out. The Cutcaster site had become slow during high traffic times of the day, our database and code could have been written better and the color scheme, while different, was a distraction from the main ojective visitors had which was buying images.

We want to be proud of the product we provide and the time had come to rebuild and re-invent.

What to expect?

The design of Cutcaster will be more elegant, provide better consistancy, be simpler to use and focus entirely on our contributor’s content. From the start, we knew we needed three things to be working for us.

First, Speed. Search had to be lightning quick and return the most relevant results or buyers would go elsewhere.  The reorganization of our database and code will ensure that the search engine will return results immediately, cluster similar images and start to rank them.

Second, Quality. Cutcaster has some of the best quality available in any picture library online. We have a creative director and image review team that carefully checks all uploaded files and over the last year has removed over 300,000 files from our library that were dated, showed unlikely situations or felt “stockish.” Now we are getting closer to 600,000 fully reviewed files of just the best of the best.

Third, Price. Cutcaster has the best pricing in the industry. Contributors set their prices and buyers can pay what they want. Our market-priced images tend to range in price from $1 up to $20 for a high resolution file. Buyers are sure to find a great deal everytime they search Cutcaster.

Over the next month, we will continue to update you on the process and ask some of you to beta test the improved site to work out the kinks. 2011 is going to be a exciting year with the new changes and we are proud to be able to put out a product that shows all the hard work that was done in the background.

If you haven’t already, please join us at Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (yes, some people still use MySpace).

Two Free Tickets to the Bees Award in SF

Cutcaster has your ticket to the The Bees Awards, an International Social Media Award Show happening today, Tuesday the 9th, in San Francisco. For tonight’s event, Cutcaster is giving away 2 tickets to the award show and after-party (valued at over $300) to the first first person who purchases one $45 credit package for royalty free images at Cutcaster today.

At Cutcaster, we want you to showcase your products with awe-inspiring photos and designs without compromising on quality or sacrificing your budget. Download over 600,000 fully released, carefully reviewed photos and vectors for just a few dollars or Cutcaster credits.

Use our intuitive search engine to quickly find an affordable selection of high resolution images you can download with a credit card, Cutcaster site credits or request an invoice. We will also tailor our licensing agreement to fit your particular needs. Just request it.

Purchase 45 credits and we will email the account holder with the subject line “Bees Awards” and your two free tickets to the show and after-party.

As our special guest, we would like to invite you to the Bees Awards ceremony for half off you’d like to attend this amazing award show if we run out of free tickets.

If you use this Code: earlybees (50% OFF) you can get your ticket for half price.

We are presenting an award tonight at the show so hopefully we will see a few familiar faces in the crowd and the after-party.

Signs and Symbols Images and Graphics for eLearning

Signs Stock Photos

Signs and Symbols Stock Photos

Need images or graphics that are perfect for building eLearning simulations or other engaging interactions? All our royalty free images can be used in any e-learning online training course. We are starting a lightbox series of elearning images that will include everything from corporate office buildings and office interior backgrounds you can use to create user scenarios, paper and notes pictures that you can write a message on or call center employees and doctors / nurses who can be used in course guides, conversational situations and case studies. Our next series will highlight business teams, business people and corporate settings so be on the look out for that series of images.

The first in this elearning series is Signs and Symbols. This is a specific collection of sign images and symbol illustrations that can be used in online training courses.

We have additional elearning photos which inslcude call center employee pictures, Health Hospitals and Doctors’ Offices, Phone Person PicturesBusiness Women Using Headset, Retail Stores, Business Teams, Signs ObjectElearning Concepts Promotional, Elearning Home Exteriors, Office Interiors and People Phone Photos.


Photo Caption Contest Winners

We’ve got the winners!  Here are our picks for TOP 3 CAPTIONS submitted to round two of our contest:

1. “The official nose-picker of the NFL!” –David Pino

2. “The hidden dangers of rhinoplasty…” –Todd Arena

3. “DIY allergy cure!” –HD Connelly

Congratulations, your creativity just won you Cutcaster credit!

Thanks to everyone who participated.  Stay tuned for more contests coming soon…

Photo Link Shortener Picz.us adds Cutcaster – Supports Referral codes

Cutcaster is happy to announce that you can now use the Picz.us link shortener to share your Cutcaster URLs on social media services like Twitter and Facebook. This makes it very easy for you to add your referral code to any link so your visitors to browse and purchase related images from your online stock photography portfolio at Cutcaster and you get rewarded with cash for any sales or purchases made by the people you refer.

You need to sign up for the link shortener service and then add your Cutcaster user ID to your profile in the Picz.us system (your user ID is the 9 digit number in your public profile link or any of your referral links for Cutcaster). Now, if you make a short URL to any image, search page, or other section at Cutcaster, your link is updated to include your referral/affiliate ID automatically and the visitor is sent directly to the long URL (like bit.ly) and you get credit for the referral.It’s now even easier to make money for sharing your Cutcaster links on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site.

Try out the new service and share your Cutcaster portfolio and images with the world and at the same time get rewarded with cash for sending traffic back to your photography or illustrations.