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Who sucks more? Vote with your gum who is better. AT&T vs. Verizon

Verizon versus AT&TVerizon versus AT&T.

On his way to the subway, near 32nd & 6 ave in NYC, Michael Surtees noticed an interesting advertisement that was unlike anything he had seen before. Positioned in a high traffic area for pedestrians going both to Penn Station in one direction, and K Town in the other, the poster advertisement makes it pretty simple for someone to show their displeasure of either ATT or Verizon. It even looks like a couple of people changed their mind post-vote, or perhaps there’s an AT&T gum squad patrolling Manhattan. Probably would have been more fair if the logos were side by side instead of one over the other.

From Design Notes, by NYC-based designer @MichaelSurtees.

UPDATE: This was the poster 4 days after the above image was taken.
poster advertisment

Thanks to Michael for sharing this engaging and funny ad.