Featured Collection: “Wish You Were Here”

With all the news of “Polar Vortexes” and other terrible winter weather, it’s a good bet that many people are wishing they were lying on a tropical beach, their toes in the sand, far from the grip of old man winter. Check out our collection of beach photos and find your happy place.





Searching For: Tattoos

Once thought of as the mark of criminals, sailors and freaks, today tattoos are much more common. Seems like everyone has one, and if they don’t they’re fascinated with anyone who does.  Google Trends listed “Tattoo” as one of the biggest keyword searches of 2013, and whether you’re looking for a design for your next tattoo, or photographs of tattooed people let Cutcaster help you find what you need.



Wednesday Tech Tip: Tips for better portraits

Whether shooting high fashion or senior pictures, these 7 Deadly Sins of Portrait Photography are on the mark. Some are technical tips, some are advice about the relationship/interaction with your subject, but all add up to the difference between great and bad portrait photography. We at Cutcaster would love more interesting and well shot portraits, portraits that seem to tell a story- like this one:

Beautiful girl



Featured Collection: Back to School

The winter holiday passes by too quickly and all too soon, it’s back to school again! Another semester is beginning and if you’re a teacher, administrator, PTA member, librarian, or a supplier for the schools, you’re going to need Cutcaster’s back to school images for your back to school emails, leaflets, and more.




Cutcaster DIY: Homemade Coloring Books

The holidays are over, but the kids are still out of school and need to be entertained. Print up some of our coloring pages and use some of the ideas we’ve pinned over on Pinterest to create fun handmade coloring books. It’s amazing how a box of crayons and a coloring book can keep a child (or adult) entertained (and quiet) for hours!





Featured Collection: Football

‘Tis the season for football fever as teams move into the playoffs and, if they’re lucky, on to the Superbowl. A quick look at Trendsmap.com  last night was filled with football keywords, teams, players, plays and anything and everything football. Use Cutcaster images to illustrate your parties, gatherings, office pools, or whatever you need images for during this last month of football season.