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Featured Collection: Spring Flowers

As spring approaches, we all start dreaming of all things green and growing, and if you’re a gardener, landscape artist or a gardening shop, you are not just dreaming, but are also planning for spring. While vegetable garden plans are the seeds of future nourishment, flower gardens are pure beauty and joy. Let Cutcaster help you find flower illustrations and photographs to fill out your garden plan or to let your customers know that it’s time to buy seeds and start their seedlings, and make their dreams reality.




Featured Collection: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just a month away, and we have all the photographs and illustrations you need for your St. Patty’s promotions, holiday drink menus (green beer and whiskey. anyone?), special event advertising, Celtic music flyers, parade and Irish bar crawl maps, etc.stpattyslightbox


Cutcaster DIY: Homemade Valentines

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, something made by hand, from the heart, is the best way to make your valentine swoon (and show off your crafty side). Create a cute card that says “Bee” Mine or sexy set of pinup girl love coupons, or great little origami valentine gifts using Cutcaster photographs and illustrations. Check out our Pinterest Valentine DIY board for more inspiration and make a gift your valentine will remember!



Featured Collection: “And the Award Goes to…”

The Academy Awards are just a month away, but there’s still plenty of time to watch all the nominees and plan an Oscar party. Use  the great illustrations and photographs in Cutcaster’s film lightbox for your party invitations, homemade ballots, and Oscar drinking game cards. Check out our Pinterest Oscar party ideas board for more inspiration.




Searching For: Love

People are always thinking of love and searching for love, and Google Trends consistently lists “Love” as one of the highest ranking keyword searches. Of course this time of year, as Valentine’s Day approaches, that search trends even higher. Cutcaster has a great selection of love themed vectors and photographs for ad campaigns, dating websites, or wherever you need images of love.




Wednesday Tech Tip: Better Sports Photography

FIBA Trentino Cup: Portugal vs New Zealand

We’re a couple months away from March Madness, then baseball and the season for summer sports will be upon us. It’s a great time to capture and submit images for those spring and summer sports. has a great podcast with professional sports photographer Dave Black with lighting tips, composition tips and more.


Featured Collection: Flu Season

This year’s flu season has been a bad one, and officials are continuing to encourage people to get a flu shot even this late in the season. Keep your employees and co-workers healthy by letting them know they can still get a shot if they haven’t already, and advise them to watch for symptoms and stay home if they have the flu. Use our Flu Season photo and vector collection to help get the word out.



Searching For: Boots

Everyone needs a cute pair of boots. Or a few. Google Trends listed “boots” as one of the biggest shopping keyword searches, and no wonder- all the extreme weather is the greatest excuse to shop for winters best fashion accessory!

As spring approaches, searches will turn towards a new pair of wellingtons, in the latest colors and patterns, perfect for April showers and gardening season. Then end-of-season sales on boots will begin trending as savvy shoppers put up a few pairs to wait for the first flakes of next winter’s snow.