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Demand more from your stock photo agency

Find top notch, authentic looking, and affordable images at Cutcaster. Cutcaster is a royalty free photography and vector marketplace that connects image buyers with image sellers. Pay once, download the picture or illustrations, and use it forever even if you use it in other projects.

Are you looking for the perfect image? Cutcaster helps you find the most relevant pictures fast and within your budget. To find images at Cutcaster all you need to do is perform a keyword search and then use the advance search options to filter down your image search results. Quickly browse through our growing stock library using our Advanced Search tools to find just the right image.

Buying Stock Images Has Never Been Easier

Once you are ready to download and checkout with your image, just choose the photo payment method that’s right for you! For your convenience and affordability, you can pay via any major credit card, use site credits, or pay via PayPal. We are extremely flexible and can tailor licensing packages to meet any creative or editorial need. Just ask. Make yourself at home browsing around our site. Most photos cost only a few dollars and are fully released and checked to ensure the highest quality.

Here is a breakdown of our flexible payment options:

* Pay With a Credit Card. Download royalty free photos with any major credit card.

* Pay by Credits. Our popular Credit Plans lets you purchase credits, Cutcaster’s virtual currency, to be used toward individual images with either Standard or Extended License Agreements; The more you buy the more you save.

* Paypal- Want to pay via Paypal? Send us an email to with the size and url of the file you wish to purchase and we will send you an invoice and the file via email immediately. Subscription Plan.

Joining Cutcaster is absolutely FREE!

Images for profile pages, websites and blogs

In our first article on where to find high resolution, affordable photos for your website or blog, we showed how Cutcaster provides a great image library,  saving you money when purchasing photos and vectors to promote your website or blog.

Want to download a great graphic or image for your Twitter page, Myspace profile background, StumbleUpon site, website, personal or business blog or WordPress blog that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will add a level of uniqueness or professionalism to your online presence. Just visit Cutcaster, do a keyword search for the image you are interested in downloading and check out the variety of images you can choose from for under a couple of dollars. Search and find affordable images and graphics for every major holiday or everyday event that just needs an image to tell a story. Get awesome graphics for birthdays, holiday celebrations, expressions, daily fun, personal friendships, love themes, religion and spirituality, encouragement, family, etc. Any of the photos and graphics you will find at Cutcaster will go great on your Twitter, Myspace, Friendster, hi5, Xanga, Piczo, Orkut, Tagged, TagWorld, or your personal blog. Download and add some creative flare to your online presence. Enjoy!

To download any graphics or images from Cutcaster, you do not need to register for an account and simply need to search for an image, add it to your cart and then checkout with any major credit card. In addition Cutcaster offers site credits that can be used to download images and illustrations from the site at discounts.

3 Simple Reasons to Search Cutcaster’s Photo Library

First Class Photos.

Tap into a wide-ranging collection of editor-reviewed imagery, including professionally shot and user-generated photos, vectors and illustrations. Cutcaster adds thousands of pictures and clipart each day.

More bang for your buck

Our flexible buying options stretch your budget as far as your creative imagination. You’ll get flexible payment plans, discount codes for purchasing photo credits and broad legal protection against copyright claims.  Keep enjoying Cutcaster’s popular feature that allows you to do transactions by credit card without forcing you to buy credits in advance. For those of you who like the price savings of buying with credits, we will offer smaller packages of credits for your convenience.

Cutcaster makes it easy

You’re hands are tied enough with deadlines and budget constraints. Our plans are simple to understand and our site is easy to use. Just buy and use. We built a streamlined site with one hell of a search engine that puts all the images you want right at your fingertips – anytime of the day.

How to Bid on Images at Cutcaster?

The first step to bidding on images and naming your price at Cutcaster is to create an account at Cutcaster under the Register page.  To bid on images and name your price you need to be a registered Cutcaster user.  It’s free.


Once you have selected the image you would like to bid for, you can look to the right hand side of the screen and see the different pricing options based on the file sizes.  First, choose the size of the image you would like and the license type, Standard or Extended.


Next, if you look right below the menu table, you will see three options.  threeoptions

You can enter your new price (bid) and click on the ‘Send’ button:

place new bid The artist will receive an email letting them know that they have a bid for one of their images and will have 48 hours to either accept the bid, negotiate or reject the bid.  In most cases, sellers react in less than 2 hours to bids.

If the Artist Accepts Your Bid:

Login to your Cutcaster Account and from within your Studio page under ‘My Marketplace’ you will see a red ‘New’ under ‘Accepted Deals’.

my marketplace new

Click on ‘Accepted Deals’.  You will then have the option to ‘Purchase This File’.

purchase this photo

You will then be taken to Cutcaster’s Cart page where you can checkout using any major credit card, Cutcaster credits or pay by invoice.  If you have a coupon or discount code, you can also use them on this cart page.

cart area

When you select your payment option, click on the green ‘Checkout’ button and the image will be available for you to download.

If the Artist Decides to Negotiate:

If the contributor decides to negotiate after receiving your bid, you will receive an email letting you know what price the contributor is willing to accept.  Log onto your account and under ‘My Marketplace’ within your studio page you will see the counter-offer under ‘Content I Want to Buy’.

content i want to buy

You can either Accept, Negotiate or Decline the new price:sellers new proposal

If the Artist Declines Your Bid:

If the artist declines your lower price (bid), an email will be sent to you notifying you it was declined.  The declined offer will show up in your ‘Delcined Deals’ in ‘My Marketplace’.

declined deals

If you have any further questions, always feel free to email

Why buying Cutcaster credits is an easy payment option?

Buying credits to license royalty free stock images and vector illustrations at Cutcaster gives you one more way to quickly download and license your desired files at a discount. When a user has available credits in their Cutcaster Credit account, they are able to control their budget and immediately download images or vectors from the site without having to checkout every time. It’s ONE simple click. The credit packages range from $23-4000.

On your MyCart page, if you click on the checkout button it will go directly to the usual checkout page where you have two options to pay. The first option is “pay-as-you-go,” which allows you to download any of the content at Cutcaster using any major credit card. The second option is buying credits in bulk at a discount and then using them. If, however, your Available Credits are less than the Total Amount of the items in their cart, you can use a credit card to purchase the files or buy more credits. But if your Available Credits are greater than the Total amount, you can choose between using your Cutcaster Available Credits or just use your credit card.

If you have any questions give us a call at 215-688-2751 and ask for John or email us at To see a comparison of the different credit packages click on

How does Photo and Vector Bidding work at Cutcaster?

Thanks to Shannon Fagan from SAA for posting this video taken at Picturehouse on how Cutcaster’s photo and vector bidding process works for content buyers.  At Cutcaster, if a photo buyer has more time or a smaller budget they are able to bid on any file in the content marketplace and essentially name their price. This immediately sends an email to the contributor who uploaded the file Cutcaster and that contributor can elect to accept, decline or re-submit a new offer back to the interested buyer. See the below video for a step by step guide to bidding for content at Cutcaster.

One Image Pricing Strategy for Photo Contributors to maximize revenues

From a Cutcaster contributor in an emai to our support-

“How I price my images on high paying sites? At Cutcaster, we can price our own images. So how do I go about picking a price for my images out of mid-air?? I find the best way to price them is based off of the prices at other agencies (non-subscription – ppd).

Once I have gotten an average of the other agencies pay-per-download prices for my images size, I then undercut the price. I cut the price because Cutcaster pays 40% (non-exclusive) or 50% (exclusive) royalty, as opposed to 20%-35% that other agencies payout. So, not only am I giving a lower price to buyers, but I am also taking in a high income in most cases. I can even take a few of my extras and submit them exclusively to Cutcaster for 50%, which is great.

Since Cutcaster does not have a subscription, I do not have to worry about comparing the prices to other sites that do have subscriptions, as obviously, Cutcaster is not targeting subscription buyers.”

Test it out yourself and see how the strategy works. Let us know what other strategies you have been trying out for selling your images and stock photography.  What’s your strategy for your portfolio and how you sell?

Payment Choices at Cutcaster- More flexibility to fit into your workflow

photo payment choices

Payment Choices

1. Pay as you go (classic micro-payment model)

We accept any major credit card.  Add as many files as you want to your cart and pay for only the images or vectors you need with any major credit card. Downloading is instantaneous.  It is simple and quick.

2. Cutcaster Credits

Buy multiple credits at one time and get a huge discount.  Purchasing credits to download images and illustrations at Cutcaster gives you one more way to manage your accounting and not have to checkout every time.  Checkout is a simple click and your done.

1 Dollar = 1 Credit

3. Cutcaster Invoice System

Our revolutionary, time saving invoice system helps you keep track of all your statements, invoice requests, the rights your purchased and will notify you when payments are about to go due.  You have to see how easy it is to use to believe it.

An invoice can be requested from your “Download Manager” on your studio page or by sending us an email at at any time and will be responded to within the hour with your invoice and usage rights included.  We will work tirelessly to make life easier on you.

invoice request

4. Have you ever bid for content? Name your Price is here.

Cutcaster is the only marketplace where you can name your price and negotiate directly with a seller if you choose.  If the content is priced higher than your budget or you have extra time to negotiate the price you want to pay for the royalty free license, then anyone can name their price.

How about additional usage rights and Extended Licenses if you need them?

Buying and Extended License opens up a whole new world of possibilities and additional rights available to you.  The affordable Extended License options allow you more flexibility and greater usage freedom.  The licensing options have been simplified, giving you the freedom and piece of mind you require for any sized project.

extended licenses

The options for Extended Licensing are a fixed, flat-rate system that’s easier to use and understand.  It’s the best value and most rights for the greatest freedom over how you use your image.

You can request an Extended License anytime you ask for an invoice or by emailing us at with the media ID number or the media files URL as well as the additional rights you would like to purchase.


How to use Cutcaster Credits?

Buying credits to purchase images and illustrations at Cutcaster gives you one more way to download and manage your desired files at a discount. When a user has available credits in their Cutcaster Credit account, they are able to control their budget and immediately download images or vectors from the site without having to checkout everytime. It’s two simple clicks.

On the user’s MyCart page, if the user clicks on the checkout button it will go directly to the usual checkout page where they have two options to pay. The first option is “pay-as-you-go,” which allows you to download any of the content on the site using any major credit card. The second option is buying credits in bulk and then using them. If, however, the users Available Credits are less than the Total Amount of the items in their cart, they can use a credit card to purchase the files or more credits to use. But if the user’s Available Credits are greater than the Total amount, the users can choose between using their Cutcaster Available Credits or just use their credit card.

If you are interested in using your purchased credits with a Cutcaster Corporate Account that will allow you to manage multiple sub-users, allocate credits to each sub-user and have access to customizable analytics, see this comparison of the different purchasing options at Cutcaster or email