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Tech Tip: Using Curves to make a Photo fit your Style

Photoshop curves is a powerful tool for photo editing and can be used to create greater contrast, change the color balance, bring more light into a photo, or darken it to change the mood of an image. Master it and you can come up with settings that mimic vintage film or other photography styles. Check out this detailed guide from the online learning community for photographers, Cambridge in Colour to get the most out of curves!



Design 101: GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF vs Vectors- What’s the Difference?

Why are there so many image file types? Because every file type has its place. GIF, JPG and PNG are best used on the web, TIFF files work best for print and vectors are the most versatile for editing the size of an image. Vectors can be scaled from tiny business cards all the way up to graphics on the side of a semi-truck trailer. Vectors can also be blown up huge and scaled back down over and over without losing the quality of the original.

Most files (known as rasters) are made up of tiny dots or “pixels” and when you increase or decrease the size of the image, you’re just growing or shrinking all those little dots. Vectors use geometry: points, curves and shapes based on math, so when you increase the size of a vector, you’re not just stretching a ton of pixels, the image is basically recreating itself in the size you need. The final image will need to be ‘rasterized’ and converted into a TIFF or JPG for printing, since printers print in pixels.

Face of a woman

Cutcaster has a wide variety of vector graphics available. When you are searching for an image type, make sure you chose “Vectors Only” in the File Type box on the left side of the page or keep an eye out for the little “V” underneath our illustration thumbnails, indicating that those illustrations are available as a vector.


Wednesday Tech Tip: Architectural Photos

Buildings are hard to capture- the size, reflective surfaces and windows, and sometimes awkward angles from below make them tough to shoot. has 6 Tips for Better Architectural Photos and we would add to those tips the list of properties and objects that are alleged to be covered by trademark or contract and that may be challenged if you sell a photograph of those properties and objects. The full list can be found on the Picture Archive Council of America website. It is terribly frustrating to spend time and creative energy on a photograph, only to find out the photograph is unusable and unsalable.


Wednesday Tech Tip: Shooting Strangers

The world is full of interesting faces, but shooting strangers can be intimidating. Sometimes the best way to get over a fear is to make a game or an exercise of it, creating a reason to approach someone on the street and take their picture. In that spirit, we encourage you to emulate photographer Ata Adnan and give yourself the assignment to photograph a certain number of strangers. Ata shot 100, but even a smaller goal will help get you out there, capturing fascinating people.

If you’re still not sure about how to approach your subjects, check out’s helpful post on How to Approach Strangers. Hopefully you’ll take a few that you’ll want to submit to Cutcaster, so don’t forget to have your ‘strangers’ sign our model release!

Beautifull girl stay at square in the night



Wednesday Tech Tip- Keep Learning

??????????????????“You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.”- Conrad Hall 

There is always something new to learn, especially in the world of modern photography, but we don’t always have time in our busy schedules to go to a school or studio and take a class. However, because of the advancements in e-learning, often we can learn at our own pace, wherever we are!

Some of the best photography e-learning sites are:

Udemy - studio lighting, wedding photography, DIY lighting setups, both free and reasonably priced classes.

Skillshare - wide variety of classes, general and specific from headshots to photoshop and fashion photography to “urban explorer” photography.

Lynda - Lists classes by skill level and features  both commercial and creative photography classes, plus end user classes that can help you to know how people use photography in their work and designs.

If you have something unique to teach, these sites are also looking for content!

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Wednesday Tech Tip: Challenge Yourself

When we’re learning photography our exercises and assignments help us to learn and expand our skills and our vision. Even as a pro, exercises and assignments can help to break through creative blocks and inspire new images. Digital Camera World has a set of ” 9 Creative Photo Ideas to Try for November” over on their blog. Get out there and shoot some (or all) of these creative suggestions and then submit your best to us!


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Call for Vector Artists

Cutcaster is actively seeking new vector artists! Do you have illustrations to add to our collections? Or are you a current contributor who could recruit an illustrator to submit their art? Contact us! And if you refer an artist, don’t forget to have them use your referral code.

6097409_xxlcutcaster-100137092-Business-smallkoi vector
Jellyfishcutcaster-902698831-Winter-Cat-smalläæàç copy

Wednesday Tech Tip: Editorial Images

Cutcaster loves editorial images.  However, we prefer images of celebrities, politicians, newsworthy events ( like natural disasters), and professional athletes.
When submitting editorial images, please keep the following tips in mind:
  • Parades, joggers, your son’s karate lessons are great, but not what we’re looking for.
  •  Never never submit pictures of people’s backsides (like at the beach) without their permission.
  • Don’t submit pictures of kids without parental approval (even kids in other countries).
  • Portraits of indigenous or ethnic people are wonderful, but please get a model release.
  • Be sure to use names when photographing sports figures.
  • We will be culling a lot of editorial images from our collection that do not have proper names, places, etc.
  • Be sure to mark recognizable and significant landscapes such as historic building exteriors (where people are not the focus of the shot) as editorial.
 Still have questions? Check out the images below for examples of the kind of pictures we are looking for.
Practicing fire protection plancutcaster-902473894-The-Boyfriends-smallTaj Mahal
CEV Championship, November 2011
Riot police
Diogo Pinto

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You Found Us How?

Sometimes strange, sometimes wonderful, always interesting keywords that people use to find!

Search Term of the Moment:  “Native American” and “Person”

Beautiful girl

And today’s purely puzzing search term, with rather delightful results:  You

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