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Get Great Photos for e-Learning Courses, Software and Presentations

Do you ever need eLearning backgrounds, blank promotional signs or people photos for your courses?

Lately, our creative director and review team have been creating Cutcaster lightboxes full of unique photos and clipart specifically for the e-learning community. Think of e-learning as internet-enabled learning that encompasses training, education, just-in-time information, and communications. Cutcaster photos are perfect for creating eLearning simulations, PowerPoint course templates or building other engaging instructional design courses where you need great backgrounds or real looking people.

The elearning images provide simple, clean designs at an affordable price and are fully customizable. Use the images and clipart over and over in multiple courses. Even use them on other websites and presentations as well.

Purchase graphics, clipart and photos for e-learning at Cutcaster today.

Collection of lightboxes with hundreds of images to choose from.

Business Teams

Objects Signs

Health Hospitals and Doctors’ Offices

Elearning Concepts Promotional

Elearning Home Exteriors

Office Interiors

Retail Stores

World Landmarks for Elearning courses

Back to School Photos for Elearning

Architecture Interiors

Architecture Office Buildings

Illustrations Web Buttons & Icons

Objects Blank signs

Architecture Urban Decay

We have additional elearning photos which inslcude call center employee pictures, Phone Person Pictures, People Phone Photos, Business Women Using Headset.

Expected Trends in Conceptual Stock Images

We all wonder what to shoot next. Some have it down to a science and do a ton of research. Some just shoot and hope to get lucky and grab that perfect shot. Determining what the next trend will be is never easy but Soren Breiting at did a great writeup on the expected trends in conceptual images that we wanted to share with our Cutcaster community.

The below is a snippet of his findings:

As the financial crisis continues with negative implications for many consumers around the world, photographers can speculate over what that will mean for the demand and use of pictures.

Here are some possible trends to watch and shoot:

The growing complexity of the world and daily life of people might impose a trend to concentrate on the not so complicated sides of life. We know that the quest for amusement is often increased under times of depression. Visits to cinemas, restaurants, entertainment and other easy going activities might become more popular. So be prepared with fresh picture material of such situations.

Happy family life might also be a focus point, despite the effects of unemployment and the economic downturn that try to counteract it.

The ‘myself in focus’ trend might be further strengthened with focus on media success and the like as some of the concrete outcomes. The increased use of social media is an obvious indication.

Soren mentioned the potential to take portraits especially effective for the ‘face in social media’. – This is about how to stand out, and how to look with credibility.

With the flood of books on personal development and the self-help industry we have another important trend worth while to be aware of. The ever growing industry of alternative treatment – a rather depressing sign from the point of view of rationality and scientific justification – but a trend that you can profit from with pictures.  And herbs of all kinds seem to possess an over-natural potential to cure and help people.

The growing number and ratio of senior citizens has been in focus for a long time but as some countries have had to reduce their public spending on health-care, pensions and social services we might expect further demand on the positive as well as the negative sides of becoming older.

Finally Soren mentions the growing acceptance of the shift in psychology and therapy to the mantra of positive emotions and positive psychology. Surely this will be a field that will grow in demand for illustration and publications in the future.

The more you can combine some of these trends the more successful you might be on the marketplace as an image
provider or publisher.

Critical vulnerabilities in Photoshop CS4

For those of you who use Photoshop CS4, you will want to be aware of a “critical vulnerability” that was found in Photoshop CS4
11.0.1 and earlier for Windows and Macintosh.

Here is a short summary of the problem:

“Critical vulnerabilities have been identified in Photoshop CS4 11.0.1 and earlier for Windows and Macintosh that could allow an
attacker who successfully exploits these vulnerabilities to take control of the affected system. A malicious .ASL, .ABR, or .GRD file
must be opened in Photoshop CS4 by the user for an attacker to be able to exploit these vulnerabilities. Adobe recommends Photoshop CS4
customers update to Photoshop CS4 11.0.2, which resolves these issues.”

More details here:

Free Photoshop Plugins and Filters

Hope some of these freebies can help you out. Take a look and let us know which ones you think are the best.

8bf Plugins – Here you get FREE AAA 8bf PLUGINS for PhotoFilter Studio and other photo editors. Windows only

Amphisoft – Free plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, Photoshop Elements, JASC and
Corel PaintShop Pro, PhotoPaint and other image editors for Windows.

Cybia Plug-In Filters – Check this freeware filters pack out which includes 6 filters

DCFilters – They have large selection of filters including ones for bricks, edger etc..

Deep Paint 2.0 – This site offers a realistic painting experience for digital artists and graphic professionals. Very cool site

Des Filtres – You have to be a French speaker but there looks to be over 100 filters that are free.

Digital ArtShop – Large number of filters and plugins for you.

Flaming Pear – This is a link to the download page. The page includes filters and plugins, including Creative Pack, Mr.Contrast, Hue and Cry, LunarCell, Flood, Cool Designer Plugins, Solar Cell, Flexify, Photography Pack, Polymerge, Glitterato, India Ink, Tesselation, Patterns, Free Plugins, and more.

Free Photoshop Plugins – This site has a few free Photoshop plugins

GraphicXtras – A number of plugins for Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, and other programs.

GoPog – Filters include Mono Renditionizer, Variable Blurrinator, Mono Renditionizer, Lab Overlayer, and more.

Harry’s Filters – Harry’s Filters is a free Photoshop-compatible plugin. It has up to 69 different image effects.

Little Ink Spot – Include chalkoholic for a chalk effect on your photos

Luce – Light effects.

Mehdi Plugins – Free Photoshop plugins include Absolute Color Blots, Contrast Balance, Color MegaMix, and more

MV’s Plugins – A number of Photoshop compatible plugins

Photoshop Filters Factory – Around 400 free Photoshop filters.

Photoshop Scripts Plugins – For all you Spanish speakers here is your site with freeware filters.

Photo-Plugins – These seem to be high quality Photoshop plugins including these plugins

Richard Roseman – Worth checking out.

Vector Plugins – Need to pull out your Japanese for this page but the plugins are still usable if you speak English.

Let us know which ones you like and we should include.

Tools for Photographers, Videobloggers and Musicians

If you haven’t seen this comprehensive list of tools for the above mentioned people over on Mashables you should check it out. With the explosion taking place in online media, a list that covers the sites catering to people interested in online media is so valuable.

The entries were compiled from previous Mashable articles – see the links at the bottom of their article for further reading.

Next time, with everyones help, Mashable will include, Cutcaster.

One of them that I think they missed is MOO, which I believe will be a big hit with the photo and image community in the near future. Cutcaster would like to reach out to innovative and upstart companies like this in the future.