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We really need these shots NOW!

Requests for late winter/early spring content

Just want to throw out some ideas for potential shoots for people. Magazines are starting to work on their late winter/early spring issues. Time to think about:

* Valentine’s Day
* St. Patrick’s Day
* Relationships/Sex/Romance
* Seasonal Depression
* Tax time
* Mardi Gras
* Jazz Festival
* Easter

Hope this helps. If people want to add comments below on ideas of images they have shot in the past related to these topics, please do so.

Seasonal Requests

It’s getting to be that busy time of year again and we need to round out some of the images that we have either been asked for or fill a seasonal need for buyers coming to the Cutcaster site. Buyers are working on their holiday issues and advertisers are getting back to work. Time to think about:

* Different religious holidays (Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, First day of Fall, First day of Winter, etc.)
* New Year’s (reveling, partying, celebrating, new beginnings, midnight kiss, party clothes, champagne glasses clinking)
* Shopping/spending money
* Holiday Foods/Cocktails
* Snow
* Sledding
* Skiing
* Warm Travel (like Caribbean where we all want to be ;-))
* New Year’s Resolutions (quit smoking, join the gym, being nicer, more family time)
* Home Insulation (construction shots, interiors, warm images)
* Heating Bills
* Oil
* Colds/Getting Sick/Preventing Colds/Natural Remedies

Photo Request

media_type : STILL PHOTO
project_type : tv
description : We are looking for photos of a 12 year old boy’s room,
to use as a background plate for a broadcast spot we are constructing this
week. the timeline is immediate. Thanks!!!!
priority : urgent
deadline : Friday Aug 22, 2008