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We really need these shots NOW!

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Photo requests with Monday Evening Deadline

1. A chef creating/experimenting with food utilizing molecular gastronomy. (If you are not familiar with what this is, please do a bit of research before submitting photos…it is a very specific type of culinary preparation…and a really fascinating one!).

2. Scientists (ideally with tools) observing recent volcano (possibly Alaska Volcano Observatory?). Ideally, two people or more.

3. An object rusting outside (truck, bike, toy, etc). Prefer to see sky….which would give the idea of wet, rain or snow.

4. A way of preventing rust of an object (garage, cover, shed, etc.). To relate to spec #3 above

5. A scientist studying a pyramid (ideally Egyptian or American). The point is to have the person obviously studying the construction or materials that make up the pyramid in an attempt to determine how the pyramid was constructed.

6. Several pyramid-shaped things: a pyramid-shaped razor sharpener, a pyramid tent, a pyramid with vegetables. In fact, anything that shows an example of ‘pyramid power’ that does not contain any actual person using the pyramid.

7. An actual pyramid. Ideally, it should be without any people around it as this will be a large background image.

8. Research scientist Alexandra Horowitz, Assistant Professor from Barnard College in New York, working with one or more dogs (who were the subject of her experiment). OR color photo of marine biologist/nature writer Rachel Carson.

9. Theodore Fujita, the Japanese-American scientist who did a lot of research on tornadoes at the University of Chicago, including photographing them from planes overhead and designing and creating a tornado simulator in his laboratory. OR Wayne Fish, research chemist in Oklahoma, who has worked with a team of scientists to come up with a proposal for using reject watermelons as a source for a biofuel.

10. Volcanologist working or observing – using a tool used for measuring or observing.

If you have photos you think will work or are similar enough please upload them to Cutcaster or send us an email letting us know that you have it in your image portfolio so we can add it to the lightbox we are creating for this buyer. Thanks.

Back To School Images and Illustrations

Just a quick headsup that we need more “back to school” type images at Cutcaster. Buyers are looking for these images and illustrations and we are creating Lightbox to add these files to so we can send out to buyers. If you have good “back to school” related content that you haven’t uploaded to Cutcaster, please do so and add into the notes that it is for this request. Thanks in advance.

Large buyer looking for these types of images for ongoing project

A large buyer has been inquiring about some images and below you will see some of the image and illustrations that they are looking for. They will be doing a lot of buying in the future, or at least we all hope, and I wanted to send along to you what they are looking for in terms of this projects. This is an ongoing need.

This is from the buyer that I got in an email

Regarding what we need–we are always looking for shots of paper of
different textures and ages.
And also different textures and tables for backgrounds.
Walls with molding showing
Bulletin board
table tops: Wood, stone, metal

Thanks for any help.

Image requests – Show us your creative minds…..

Hello Everyone! I am preparing to send a large buyer a lightbox of images and vectors for a project they are working on. He wants to see what types of images we have that could match up with the following book covers. You can use your imaginations to find files that conceptually or symbolically could work for these book titles. If any contributors have pictures that could be used with the following book titles, can you please upload them to the site and direct my attention to them. (I’ve included a hyperlink on the ones that have a book cover to show what the publisher is looking for):

Business Ethics by Stephen K. Henn (notice how there is lots of copy space for the title at the top of the buildings)

Full Throttle by Gregg M. Steinberg (notice how the speedometer is going on full)

Wrench in the System by H. Hambrose

Intuitive Manager by Eugene Sadler-Smith (sorry, don’t have a cover for you because the book hasn’t been released yet – but lets see what you can come up with!)

Space Exploration for Dummies by Shana Priwer

Gre test for Dummies

Trading for Dummies 2nd Edition

Reconnecting by Joseph J. Luciani

Fire Your Therapist by Joe Siegler (sorry, don’t have a cover for you because the book hasn’t been released yet – but lets see what you can come up with!)

Costa Rica Earthquake – Image Request

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake shook Costa Rica on Thursday and we have had some requests for images of the destruction. Does anyone have images of the Costa Rica earthquake that they can upload to Cutcaster? We have had two requests for images of the Costa Rica earthquake in the last two hours and would be great to upload some of these editorial images. There were no reports of injuries or deaths. Thanks again.

New Image Ideas for your new year shoots

At Cutcaster, we have been speaking with more and more with the magazines out there and are hearing from quite a few that they are working on their spring issues. This is a great time to think about upcoming shoots. Here are some ideas we heard kicked around from our calls.

1. Spring Break travel spots/Concepts
2. Kids activities inside or outdoors
3. Fixing up the home/Home Renovation
4. Diet/dieting concepts
5. Upcoming fitness season
6. House/Spring cleaning
7. Home Gardening
8. Moving Season

Lets kick around some ideas here and see what new shots we can come up with. I will make sure it is seen.

Top 10 best selling categories of the year

1. people- adults, mature adults, senior citizens

2. business-business tools and concepts

3. objects on white background

4. business people

5. vector graphics and illustrations

6. travel- transportation

7. signs & symbols

8. food

9. sports related

10. architecture & interiors-building exteriors

Thanks for you all your great images and keep up the good work in the new year. We have an exciting year ahead of us at Cutcaster.

Travel Images Requested

Request made – Please let us know if you can help. Just add a note to the upload in the submit area so we know you are sending us material for this.


I am looking for a front cover photo for the books

San Francisco with Kids
500 Places to take your kids before they Grow Up
Travel Guide for Norway
Travel Guide for Ecuador

Both the kids books are horizontal in format. I need to convey San Francisco specifically, so it can’t be generic. Happy kids with a landmark, not cluttered.

The 500 Places title– need to show white kids as tourists in a exotic locale. Turkey, Egypt, something recognizable. I am open to the place. (I showed kids with pyramids already, so I am open to other locales.

See what you have in stock. I don’t want to limit you.

Ecuador– need exotic birds, colorful landscapes. I don’t want iguanas, they never are picked. Go with colorful birds and exotic scenics. Needs to be VERTICAL with room at top for the title of the book to have space.

Norway– a great water scenic or people shot, or a not crowded image of Begen. Any of these might work. Needs to be VERTICAL with room at top for the title of the book to have space. Something simple, graphic, and bold.

Ideas for new shoots- What buyers are looking for

More and more we are hearing that graphic designers, advertisers and publishers are seeing the same images on every single site and they feel they have seen every image out there. We need to shake it up a bit.

There are a lot of categories that are not well represented in RF and need to be photographed in a non-cheesy, non-stocky way. I hear it all the time. Buyers really want pictures of real life situations that are candid, non-posed imagery that depicts its subjects behaving naturally. Authenticity is key. Here are some topics from the Photoshelter buyer research that can help you determine what you want to shoot. Post any ideas or other suggestions you have below.

The Photoshelter buyers survey found that there were major categories in which the “availability/quality/diversity (usefulness) of images typically found” was “poor to average”. The following categories were pinpointed as the top 10 weakest:

1. Healthcare. 88%
2. Multicultural/Diversity. 86%
3. Seniors. 86%
4. Technology & Products. 85%
5. Interior Décor. 84%
6. Eco-Friendly. 81%
7. Business Situations & Settings. 72%
8. Celebrity. 72%
9. Sports/Activities. 71%
10. Children/Young Adults. 72%

The key will be to take original and interesting new shots that look authentic. If you can do that you will have a winner.