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Updates to our site.

Cutcaster October Review and Highlights

Fall is here, and Cutcaster is in full swing. We now have a carefully-reviewed and edited down collection of over 525,000 photos and illustrations from emerging artists worldwide like yourself, and we are constantly working to get this collection in front of image buyers. We released a new version of our search engine making it easier and faster to find and purchase photos.  We are also knee-deep in redesigning our next version of the website and overhauling our back-end.  Traffic to the site and sales are up, but we know the main reason you joined Cutcaster was to get a trusted partner to help make you money. Please know that we are working tirelessly on this, and appreciate your support as we grow.

Here’s quick round-up:

Create a funny photo caption and win $50, $20 or $10 in Cutcaster credits if your photo caption is one of our favorites. We launched a new weekly contest in which you submit funny tag-lines for photos we post and each week we pick three winners. See the photo this week and make us laugh!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Stock Photo License, a new educational resource dedicated to helping image users and buyers avoid legal pitfalls and better understand copyright law. We are actively seeking partners and individuals who would like to contribute to the site. Check out the site here or read more about Stock Photo License on our blog.

Have you added a link to your Cutcaster portfolio, or to individual images or lightboxes at Cutcaster?  Please do so if you have not. Links, “Likes” and “Re-Tweets” improve our visibility in search engines and social networks.  In other words, they make a BIG difference in driving buyers to your work and compliment all the work we are doing in the background, so please link and like as much as possible!

Want a chance to win the latest iPad or $500 in Cutcaster credits? (That buys you as many as 500 images on Cutcaster.)  Take two minutes to complete our Photo buyer survey and we will enter you in our drawing for prizes at the end of the month. Check out the details on our Design and Photography blog or go directly to the survey by clicking here. If you are a seller, we want to improve and provide the best service to you as is humanly possibly but we need your help. Please lend us two minutes of your to complete our anonymous Photo Contributor Survey.

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Cutcaster Referral Program Update

Do you know photographers, illustrators or photo buyers who could use Cutcaster and would benefit from you telling them about the site? Cutcaster pays you money for referring potential members to the site who purchase new content or sell content in the marketplace.  Referring new clients to Cutcaster is a great way to pick up extra money without a lot of work. An affiliate is anyone who is referred to Cutcaster after clicking on one of your Cutcaster affiliation banners or links that we provide to you within your studio.
How does it work?

From your MyStudio page, click on the “Referral” tab. There are three options you can choose from: Affiliates, Invite a friend and Earnings. When you refer a friend to the site who buys content or refer someone who has uploaded content, which is bought on the site, you accumulate money.

Here is the deal; the referring member will be rewarded by getting commission in the form of cash on all the transactions of their affiliates for the next 2 years. The affiliation program rewards any member of Cutcaster for any sales and purchases made by their affiliates. It’s a win-win situation for all of us. You get to be the first to introduce people to the first dynamic content marketplace and they’ll be impressed by the quality of the images, clipart and illustrations.

The referring members’ revenues are calculated by a percentage of Cutcaster’s commission from each transaction for the affiliate. Cutcaster pays 10% of the buyers’ transactions and 5% of any of the sellers’ transactions for 2 years of when they sign up. (Content Sellers commissions/royalties do not change as a result of the affiliation program). We will show you the total earnings from this referral program for both the buyers and sellers in the Earnings section.

Cutcaster checks to make sure all new referred members are legit. The new user has to enable their cookies and make their first purchase within 14 days of signing up or we won’t be able to send you the credit for the referral. Referring members may receive rewards from an unlimited number of affiliates in their account. The referring member cannot be his own affiliate but nice try.

An Affiliation link is an Internet hyperlink or web link pointing to the Cutcaster website with a member’s reference id. The reference id is a unique code assigned to every member of Cutcaster. You can find those links and banners under Affiliation in your studio.

Once you click on the “tell a friend” TAF tab, you can enter the person’s contact information and send them an invite. There is no limit to the number of new users you can invite and the amount of money you can make from referring them.

Introducing Lightboxes – Good-bye Clipfolders

From this point forward Cutcaster is re-branding the Clipfolders and calling them “Lightboxes” which is an industry standard term that photo buyers are used to seeing.

What is a Lightbox?

A lightbox at Cutcaster is a customized folder that lets a user organize digital photos and illustrations that they would eventually like to download or share with a colleague/friend. Any files can be assigned to a viewable lightbox folder by subject, for later convenience, or used to compile unrelated photos for a specific project layout. Lightboxes also allow photo buyers and graphic designers to show clients options for a project in one simple uncluttered folder.

Use the lightboxes to store a group of photos that you would like to eventually purchase or send to a colleague/friend to review. Lightboxes can be set to private or public depending on your purpose for using them.

I hope the change of names doesn’t confuse anyone and hope this makes using Cutcaster easier.

Cutcaster 2009 in Review

Cutcaster had an amazing second year!!!  Here is a quick recap:


  • Hired two more software developers to improve site performance.
  • Cutcaster goes bi-coastal with offices in New York and San Francisco.


  • Started major changes in the way our search engine works.
  • Added 800 photographers and over 45,000 photos and vectors.





  • Increased site speed.
  • Sales grew over 60% from May.


  • Hired a new Creative Director.
  • Started editing and refining the entire collection.


  • Introduced our premium Crescendo Collection.
  • Made further improvements to the search engine and site speed.


  • Hired another software engineer to re-structure our database.
  • Sales increased 30% AGAIN this month!
  • Spoke at an ASPP event in Boston in front of many buyers on stock licensing.
  • Made huge changes to the photo search engine.
  • John got married ;-)


  • Focused on featuring our photographers in specialized clipfolders.
  • Attended PictureHouse, introducing Cutcaster to hundreds of new photo buyers.
  • Halloween sales were way, way up!


  • Spoke at the 6Sight conference about photographers making money off their photos.
  • Grew to 400,000 images strong
  • Added 600 corporate accounts


  • Celebrated a year of growth and success on our second year!
  • Made big plans for 2010!
  • Had a few big orders at the end of the year. Best month ever at Cutcaster. Looking forward to keeping the momentum going into 2010

“Content is King” but “Process is Queen”

“Content is King” but “Process is Queen” for anyone working in the publishing world. At Cutcaster, we work tirelessly to understand your unique workflow so we fit seamlessly into your photo buying process and make purchasing the best content with all the rights you need easy.


Our royalty free extended licenses are a one time payment for world-wide, in perpetuity and non-exclusive rights that include multi-seat usage, licensing rights for images on products being distributed and/or sold, an unlimited print run and come with IPTC metadata embedded in each file so you have easily find it later and don’t have to re-license it.


We know that downloading photos with a credit card or site credits are not always ideal, so we offer both of these options as well as the ability to request an invoice within our corporate accounts. If you need some free photo research done, just ask and we will send you a custom lightbox with just what you’re looking for.

Orange Frog

Why should you buy photos and illustrations at Cutcaster?

Registering at Cutcaster lets you add photos, high res images and awesome vector art to your cart and license them royalty free for use in your creative projects. Signing up is free and takes a few seconds.

So why should you use Cutcaster to buy photos and illustrations. Some of the benefits include:

1. Personal Studio to manage and access your downloads and receipts

2. View and download large comping images before you buy them

3. Use personalized lightboxes or what we can “clipfolders” to store and share images with your clients and co-workers

4. Receive free image research from Cutcaster experts. We know our collection the best and can help you find anything you need quickly

5. Use Express Checkout to license images or illustrations in 4 flexible ways

6. Request an invoice for any file, pay by credit card, purchase photos via Cutcaster credits or bid on photos and name your price. Need other ways to purchase files from us. Just ask.

7. Get special coupons, offers and updates via e-mail or our blog

8. Request custom content via the ProjectRequest feature that allows you to ask over 11,000 photographers and illustrators for content you can’t find that they can create or pull off their harddrive. You are under no obligation to purchase it but can consider the content for potential use in your project.

9. Get access to free photos and illustrations

10. Top notch customer service. You are a person not a number. We are here 24/7 and will respond to any request and question immediately.

Sign up at Cutcaster to get great access to one of the best collections of royalty free stock photography, vectors and clipart on the web.

Search Update

We are liking the new search and it is really returning better results. Keep the feedback coming.

We just released another new tweak that photo buyers, image researchers and those looking to license vector files will hopefully like and use.

Filename search is functional on live. You can now search by watermark filename (which is what you get if you drag & drop the comp onto your desktop), and by the comp filename (if you click on download comp button). These should help photo buyers find the perfect image and illustrations faster at Cutcaster. Let us know what you think.

The Cutcaster Team

Brand Spanking New Search Relevancy Algorithm Released

The engineers at Cutcaster just completed Phase I of our first major upgrade to photo and vector search and have released the latest, never before seen, jazzed up search engine to the live site this evening. Take it for a test spin and let us know what you think. The search returns are more evenly distributed between our outstanding contributors and return a greater variety of images for single words and compound phrases than in the past. We are not done yet though and have much more planned for search and search speed. This is phase 1 of a major revamp which will lead to the right image getting in front of the right customer faster, more satisfied buyers and more sales for contributors. Please let us know what you think below or by email to