As one of the more popular photo libraries on the Internet, is growing at an amazing pace. We are looking to partner with some new Customer Account Representatives from both the United States, Europe and Asia, who can help us grow even faster and help us serve our clients even better. The Customer Account Rep is an independent contractor who will be responsible for reaching out to, maintaining and growing relationships between the client and Additional tasks include: * Research, qualify and recruit potential clients and companies. * Ensure client satisfaction throughout your assigned geographic location and foreign language, if applicable. * Help clients understand the website interface and assist with clarifying the specifics of company policies and services. * Maintain professional relationship between the client and Cutcaster. As an independent contractor, we look forward to working with you and developing your new ideas for selling and maintaining our quality service. We'll work with you to negotiate a fair compensation package based on your experience, regional location, sales goals and expectations, etc. We can also help you build customer lists and outreach plans. Send us your letter of introduction, along with your ideas and compensation requests, to We look forward to hearing from you. concept of teamwork