Recently, we translated Cutcaster into 15 different languages. While it was a large undertaking, translating the site, a lot of the words we had originally used on the English version of Cutcaster lost their meaning when translated into different languages. Some of our translations don’t sound right or lack professionalism when read by someone living or from that country. We are asking for your help. If one of the languages below is your “mother tongue” and you would like to earn a little extra money for a few hours of work checking and correctly our pre-translated versions of the site, we would love to speak with you about this project. We can provide you with an excel sheet with the short snippets of English and pre-translated text which needs to be checked and corrected if needed. We also can provide you immediate help if you have any questions. Most phrases that need to have their pre-existing translations examined and in some cases corrected are 1 to 6 words long. There are around 500 phrases that need to be checked. Danish Korean Greek Dutch Russian French Norwegian German Italian Polish Swedish Czech Japan Portugese Chinese If you are interested, please let your contact info below and the language you can help with or email us at Many thanks,