Search like a Pro for outstanding imagery at Cutcaster
Cutcaster’s improved search feature, which uses contextual filtering, lets you easily refine your searches to find images that meet very specific parameters. You get the image you need quickly, with the assurance that you’ve seen all the images that fit your parameters. 1. Type a keyword or phrase in the search field, and click Search. Our search engine parses language for context, so be as specific as you can. Keywords can include of what you are looking for, such as flower or tree, concepts like growth, or emotions like excitement. For example, if you search for ‘yellow flower,” results include all images with both of those keywords. 2. Filter your search to narrow your results:
  • Roll over your search terms, which appear at the top of your results, to choose a more specific contextual filter. In this example, you can clarify the context of “flower.”
[caption id="attachment_3313" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="Choose your word meaning"]Image Search[/caption]
  • Make selections using the filters that appear in the column to the left of your search results. You can filter for image orientation, file type, size, and so on.
3. Experiment with adding and removing keywords to specify your results quickly. Type keywords in the fields to the left of your search results. In the “yellow flower” example, if you want a woman to appear in your photo, type “woman” in the Add Keywords field. If you don’t want that woman to be a bride, type “bride” in the Remove Keywords field. Click Apply to see the filtered results, which will include just images with the keywords “yellow,” “flower” and “woman” and NOT the keyword “bride.” [caption id="attachment_3314" align="aligncenter" width="98" caption="Filter your search result"][/caption] 4. Broaden your results if necessary. At any point, if you’ve narrowed your results too much, you can broaden them by removing filters. Each filter or keyword you specify appears at the top of your search results. Click the “x” next to any filter to expand your search results. [caption id="attachment_3315" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Broaden your search results"][/caption]