Over the next month, we plan to roll out a number of exciting new image search features and design changes at Cutcaster that will drastically improve your experience when buying and selling images. This entire spring and summer, we have worked hard planning, re-designing and testing the new website's features and infrastructure to make sure it is a product we are proud to release and you are happy to use. Pull out the surgeon's knife because five pages at the current Cutcaster are getting a major facelift. The search page, product page, checkout area, account page and, lastly, the homepage. This is an effort to simplify navigation around the site, shorten the amount of clicks from search to checkout and re-organize our message around the site so we can prepare the site for translation into multiple languages. New features will include a completely overhauled search engine that automatically identifies the meaning behind a keyword used in search to drill down to the most relevant content, more options at checkout for downloading images and a simplified pricing system to give buyers even better discounts when buying repeatedly at Cutcaster. Also be on the lookout for a visual search engine that is in the works. More details to come later but all the changes are really sweet and will be a major time saver. We hope you will enjoy the new release over the coming months and have a great rest of the summer. Your Cutcaster team.