We have been re-thinking the way buyers can search for stock photos via Cutcaster and are excited to release the first of many updates to our image search engine. Presenting- Keyword search translation. What does that mean for image search at Cutcaster? Going forward, any non-English keyword entered into the search area will be automatically detected, translated and return the relevant image search results in that language. Visitors can search in their native language. We currently offer support for the following languages via our new search engine feature: Arabic, French, Latvian, Swedish, Bulgarian, German, Lithuanian, Thai, Chinese (Simplified + Traditional), Greek, Norwegian, Turkish, Haitian Creole, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Hebrew, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Dutch, Indonesian, Russian, Italian, Slovak, Estonian, Japanese, Slovenian, Finnish, Korean, and last, but not least, Spanish. Phewww. That's a mouthful of new languages that our picture search engine now supports and will improve the search experience for non-English speaking visitors. For sellers, this should lead to more views and sales for you. Be on the lookout for more updates from Cutcaster regarding our new checkout area, more search engine updates, more translation features and our growing image collection. Sign up at Cutcaster to receive updates.