Image Volume. Getting noticed with 40 images or less?
[gallery order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="rand"] Cutcaster contributors are our lifeblood and their artwork is what has helped us grow our base of loyal picture buyers and kept the lights on. We have over 4000 contributors at Cutcaster, who have uploaded at least one file to the site. Some like Yuri Arcurs, Elena Elisseeva, iofoto or MonkeyBusiness Images have thousands of images while many other equally as talented contributors have less than 40 images a piece on our site. What is so important about the number 40? If you uploaded 40 or less files to Cutcaster and then just stopped, you may be scratching your head why your images don't come up more in searches or produce more sales. If you are less than 40 it might be time to upload more photos. Here's why: You might ask yourself, "What´s wrong with 40?" or "I will wait until I see sales before I upload more." Cutcaster now has over 800,000 unique, high quality stock photos and stock vectors from amazing contributors all over the globe. We are getting pickier and pickier with our selection as we grow. If we take a contributor's portfolio on Cutcaster, which has 40 accepted images and compare it to Cutcaster's entire collection of over 800,000 files, you start to see why constantly uploading or having a larger portfolio at Cutcaster is a good strategy to get more eyeballs on your content. 1. For every 1 of the pictures in the 40-something contributor's portfolio there are roughly 20,000 royalty free stock photos or vectors from other contributors at Cutcaster competing with your 1 image. So the chance that your image will be seen, first in our collection, and secondly, on our website, is comparable to the odds that you will become a professional athlete: 1 in 22,000, which for most of us is pretty slim. How can you correct this and get the odds back in your favor? New and old contributors need to have an image presence of at least 500-1000 images to expect regular sales that they can rely on for earnings, since they are competing for buyers' eyeballs and attention on our website. If you only have 40 photos now, you might make an occasional sale, but in order to make more money, you need to upload more of your images to Cutcaster or expand the diversity of your portfolio. It's time to turn that 40 into 400 or even better 4000. Good luck. Note: The above images can be purchase at Cutcaster by following the below links.