In a continuing effort to release as much information as we can concerning picture buyers and their habits in today's stock industry, we will look at what things image buyers disliked that their image agency did or wasn't doing. This question was one part of a two part question relating to what picture buyers liked and didn't like about the stock agencies they work with. Below is a collection of their responses in no order of importance but cover the range of dislikes that image buyers had. 1. Prefer stock sites that have a current selection images of people using media (my firm sells advertising in magazines, online and mobile devices.) The laptops, computer screens, and mobile devices should be current. People using the devices need to look realistic. They should look somewhat affluent or have some purchasing power. 2. Few images of "ordinary" people of many backgrounds, skin colors or multi-national origins. Few images of disabled individuals or groups doing ordinary (non-medical) activities, bland generic office pictures. 3. Keywords need to be accurately curated, correct caption information, no time to sift through keywording spam. Keyword spam makes me not want to visit a site. 4. Same images on every site and smaller agencies that are different get subsumed by the larger ones 5. Dropping or losing photographer/images and then being unable to re-license them for p/up imagery 6. Caps to RF imagery or microstock imagery 7. Everyone uses the same great images. Should be a system for professional level and entry level buyers so everyone isn't using the same images/vector files... 8. It's difficult to find great deals or new imagery since they are all concentrated under Getty and Corbis again...There is very little good, new material. 9. Discontinuing of RF CDs 10. Photos that SCREAM "I'm a stock photo." More quality stock illustration at lower costs - less computer generated in feel. 11. It’s not very fun and takes a ling time to search for images. 12. Credits packages that do not expire. 13. Sites that don’t allow for repeat download of photos purchased. 14. Overly complex search engines 15. The search engines for iStock and Corbis aren't very intuitive, or aren't as intuitive as they could be. Getty has better search filters. The quality of the photos are sometimes hit and miss. I understand that to be acceptable for lower priced images like iStock but some of the other larger ones still have that same issue. 16. I think just having better search and/or search and filtering methods, would save us tremendous amounts of time and get better results. Perhaps better tagging, or more accurate tagging of the images. Many times I will get provocative images when I'm not searching for them. What do you dislike about the stock agency you choose to work with? Is there anything you hate which they do? What would you change?