We wanted to list some of the resources and friends we have come to trust and like over the last 4 years of being in the photography industry. The below associations and educational programs are some resources to help you further educate yourself or find other like minded people. Enjoy. Professional Organizations American Society of Media Photographers Advertising Photographers of America North American Nature Photography Association National Press Photographers Association National Association of Photoshop Professionals Professional Photographers of America Photographic Society of America Society for Photographic Education American Society of Picture Professionals Editorial Photographers Picture Archive Council of America Stock Artists Alliance International Photographic Council Photographic Education Maine Photographic Workshops Brooks Institute of Photography Rhode Island School of Design Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Photographic Arts and Sciences Santa Fe Workshops Art Center College of Design California Photographic Workshops Carolina Art & Photographic School East Coast School Photographic Workshops Florida School of Professional Photography Georgia School of Professional Photography Golden Gate School Illinois Workshops Image Explorations Imaging Workshops of Colorado International Photographic Arts School Kansas Professional Photographers School Long Island Photo Workshop Mid-America Institute of Professional Photography Mid-Atlantic Regional School Of Professional Photography New England Institute of Professional Photography Pacific Northwest School of Professional Photography PPSNY Photo Workshop West Coast School Professional Photographic Workshops