Be aware that over the next 24-48 hours, we will be taking the site offline to replace it with the new Cutcaster site. We're like a kid before Christmas. Our plan is to switch to the new site later this evening Eastern Standard Time EST. The site wil l be down for updates and when it returns we hope you love the drastic improvements. While some sites are "pinching" their contributor's pay, alienating their customers' needs, or closing their doors, Cutcaster delivered a more intelligent image search tool, that operates lightning quick speeds, with superior results and will move picture buyers beyond their dated agencies. Allow us a second chance to make a first impression. Any updates we have on the release will be posted here, our Facebook page or our Twitter account. UPDATE (12/19/2011 11:30pm PST) - Countdown is underway to move over a large chunk of the metadata from the old database to the new site which has been tested and is ready to debute. Tomorrow we will pull the site offline. It's amazing how true it is that 99% of the work comes in the last 1% of the details.