Business Teams, People and Corporate Settings for eLearning
[caption id="attachment_2584" align="aligncenter" width="401" caption="Business People Images"]business people images[/caption] Cutcaster provides some of the best photos and illustrations, which are perfect for creating eLearning simulations or building other engaging interactions? Cutcaster offers royalty free images that can be used in as many e-learning online training courses as you can create for only a few dollars. For our first elearning image series we chose to do signs and symbols. This is the second elearning photo lightbox we are releasing that includes everything from corporate office buildings and office interior backgrounds you can use to create user scenarios, to business teams and people, to something as basic as a call center employee or beautiful woman with a phone headset, to just businessmen or businesswomen in general.  We offer a wide variety of affordable royalty free images and illustrations that can be used in course guides, conversational situations and case studies. Check out our other call center employee pictures, Phone Person Pictures, People on the Phone Photos, Business Women Using Headset, Business Teams, Objects Signs, Health Hospitals and Doctors' Offices, Elearning Concepts Promotional, Elearning Home Exteriors, Office Interiors, Retail Stores.