Hot Shot Media
Hot Shot Media is an online media company involved in the creation of a number of unique projects that combine elements of the  photo sharing, social networking and casual gaming spaces. They have been creating some pretty cool photography social games that are still in Beta but worth a peek if you are interested in photography contests and challenges. I met with their CEO, Danny Maco, last Friday and was impressed with their team and plans for the future. Keep an eye on this company and try some of their games below if you have some time. For World’s Best Photo, the users are allowed to stake their claim to having the world’s best photo in just about any category, at least until they get their crown knocked off by their friends when the mini contests begin, according to Danny. Most Wanted Photo is a simple photo centric game that allows users to request their desired photos or compete to win virtual currency for their submissions. Snapshot Scholar is a photo contest pitting Cal Berkeley against Stanford for the moment but will expand to other schools. I really think this one will catch on in the university space. A Stanford student won $5,000 for himself and $2,000 for his department. Be on the lookout for Snapshot Scholar 2 which will be launched soon. Danny and his team have some really interesting plans for the photography casual gaming space and it will be great to see how they grow within that industry niche.