A lot of times when you find an image online that you want to use it might not be that clear what you need to do in order to legally license the image and use it for your creative project. Whether there are questions surrounding the license type, the usage, any restrictions, who the actual copyright holder is or if your usage requires a model or property release. To sum up some of the ways you can use photos at Cutcaster we created this short writeup to show you how you can use Cutcaster images? Cutcaster images may be applied to the following uses (in most cases limited to 500,000 copies under our Standard License): • You can use any images in advertising posters and brochure design for use in promoting the sale of other products. • Within editorial or advertising copy in newspapers, magazines, books, book covers, school textbooks, editorials and directories. • In coordination with opt-in marketing. • For product packaging. • On letterhead and business cards, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs and on pop-up and/or panel displays for use in trade shows or at conventions. • In multimedia presentations and incorporated into film and video for distribution and/or sale in the home video market OR for broadcast and/or theatrical display.. • Use as a background image or splash screen within software . • On cover art and/or artwork used on in CD or DVD . • In eBooks for any e-device reader, including multi-seat license electronic textbooks. Please note, certain restrictions apply depending on whether you’re purchasing the images under a Standard Licensing contract or if you are purchasing an Extended License (EL). You can learn more about the differences between licenses by clicking on this link to our legal page. Are there ways I CANNOT use Cutcaster images? There are some use cases, in which you are prohibited from using an image purchased from Cutcaster under our Standard License. These include: • Print runs exceeding 500,000 copies unless an Extended License is purchased which would give you an unlimited print run. • Print on demand (POD) projects such as wallpaper, postcards, mousepads, mugs, t-shirts, posters, giclee prints, artwork and other items. • Any unbecoming or derogatory depiction of the model or persons pictured in an image, including use of models in pornographic material, political endorsements and alcohol, drug, or tobacco campaigns. You also cannot: • Resell or share Cutcaster content. • Use any Cutcaster image as part of a trademark, service mark, or company logo. • Try to depict that the image was created by you or anyone other than the copyright holder of that image. Please always read the contract first before you buy any images form Cutcaster and consult your legal team if you have specific questions. We are here to help but are not a substitute for your specific usage. Feel free to contact us at webmaster AT cutcaster DOT com.