David Riecks, at Controlled Vocabulary, has created a very important survey to test whether social media sites like Twitter or Facebook strip out your photo's metadata when you upload a photo to their sites. Here is a description with links for the survey. Please share your experiences and participate in the survey for the benefit of the greater photography community. If you click on the first link below you will see a list of the preliminary results which are very interesting. Overview Do the social media websites or other image sharing services you use preserve your embedded photo metadata after upload? The answer to that question isn't clear, so we are conducting a survey of various services to find out. * View Preliminary Survey Results (opens in new window) * Learn more about the Objective of this Survey * Participate in survey/test your favorite social media site or photo sharing service * Learn more about how to test if your images contain embedded metadata Digital images, saved in the JPEG format support the embedding of photo metadata, and most social media sites support the uploading of JPEG images. However, many of these social media services do not preserve this information that you have taken the time to embed in your image files. In some instances this information is removed on upload; in other cases, it may preserved in the original uploaded file, but any images derived from the original may no longer retain that same information. In other instances the images may be stored in the Flash format, which makes it difficult to download files or view metadata, but also means that viewers will not be able to see those images if they are using mobile devices such as all iPods, iPhones, and iPads, as well as Blackberries, etc. Great initiative and job by everyone who has participated in the survey and supplied answers.