Do you know photographers, illustrators or photo buyers who could use Cutcaster and would benefit from you telling them about the site? Cutcaster pays you money for referring potential members to the site who purchase new content or sell content in the marketplace.  Referring new clients to Cutcaster is a great way to pick up extra money without a lot of work. An affiliate is anyone who is referred to Cutcaster after clicking on one of your Cutcaster affiliation banners or links that we provide to you within your studio. How does it work?
From your MyStudio page, click on the "Referral" tab. There are three options you can choose from: Affiliates, Invite a friend and Earnings. When you refer a friend to the site who buys content or refer someone who has uploaded content, which is bought on the site, you accumulate money. Here is the deal; the referring member will be rewarded by getting commission in the form of cash on all the transactions of their affiliates for the next 2 years. The affiliation program rewards any member of Cutcaster for any sales and purchases made by their affiliates. It's a win-win situation for all of us. You get to be the first to introduce people to the first dynamic content marketplace and they'll be impressed by the quality of the images, clipart and illustrations.
The referring members' revenues are calculated by a percentage of Cutcaster's commission from each transaction for the affiliate. Cutcaster pays 10% of the buyers' transactions and 5% of any of the sellers' transactions for 2 years of when they sign up. (Content Sellers commissions/royalties do not change as a result of the affiliation program). We will show you the total earnings from this referral program for both the buyers and sellers in the Earnings section. Cutcaster checks to make sure all new referred members are legit. The new user has to enable their cookies and make their first purchase within 14 days of signing up or we won't be able to send you the credit for the referral. Referring members may receive rewards from an unlimited number of affiliates in their account. The referring member cannot be his own affiliate but nice try.
An Affiliation link is an Internet hyperlink or web link pointing to the Cutcaster website with a member's reference id. The reference id is a unique code assigned to every member of Cutcaster. You can find those links and banners under Affiliation in your studio.
Once you click on the "tell a friend" TAF tab, you can enter the person's contact information and send them an invite. There is no limit to the number of new users you can invite and the amount of money you can make from referring them.