We talk to 10-20 buyers a day and gather requests for content that they need now.  If you have photos, illustration, or vectors that fit into the categories below, we need your work!  Send in your best work and be included in lightboxes we send directly to customers!  As with all submissions we are looking for good photographic composition, lighting, and technique.  Remember to think like a designer when keywording your images.  Never spam keywords that don't fit your images.
Business People and Concepts:
We need shots of people at work, business equipment, offices, and office buildings, people in business attire. Remember, not every shot of a person needs to be isolated on white, and not every model needs to be looking straight at the camera.  Use your imagination, but keep the poses natural, and relaxed and always use a model release.
Food and Drink:
We need high quality images of food and drink, as well as people cooking, and eating those meals. Grocery store shots are very desirable, but watch your logos and trademarks!
Keywords:  Food |  Wine |  Cooking | Grocery Store |  Eating |  Drinks |  Feast | Alcohol
Holiday and Seasonal Themes:
At Cutcaster, we use the term Holiday to describe a seasonal event, not a vacation!  We need all of the holiday themes.  These are huge sellers!  Christmas, Yom Kippur,  Ramadan, New Years, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year, Earth Day. Birthday themes are also needed.  If it is a holiday celebrated anywhere in the world we would love to see it!
Home and Garden:
Household images of beautiful interiors, furniture, modern kitchens and baths.  Pretty gardens, and pool side views are also needed. Home repair and improvement are also needed.
Personal Care and Cosmetics:
Personal care and spa treatments are hot right now.  Grooming, massage, acupuncture, yoga, and outdoor health activates are fast sellers.  Any way you pamper yourself!  Cosmetics are also hot. Portraits highlighting classic or dramatic makeup and hair  are needed.
Keywords:  Spa |  Make-up |  Yoga |  Massage |  Women's Health |   Diet
Financial Images:
It’s all about money.  Cash concepts, taxes, real estate, trading.  Business people in banking situations, or simple designs with cash concepts.  The stock market is hot right now.  Submit images that show thrift and savings, as well as upbeat images of financial stability.
Keywords:  Money |  Taxes |  Real Estate |  Trading |  Banking |  Savings
Kid Stuff:
We love kids, from infants to teens, advertisers are looking for great looking kids in natural poses, as well as child related products. Don’t forget, when shooting kids you must have parental consent, and a signed model release!
Keywords:  Infant |  Toddler |  Teen |  Child Care |  Family
Healthcare topics are huge right now.  Swine flu, flu season, medical offices, and professionals. Medications, and prescription drugs,  holistic medicine.  If it has to do with health, we need it!  We are very interested in seeing vectors on this topic as well.
Keywords:  Medicine |  Flu Season |  Doctor |  Drugs |  Xray |  Dental
Religious and Spiritual Images:
We need all of the world religions represented in our library:  Christian and Catholic, Muslim, Judaism, Hindu and Buddhist, as well as lesser known spiritual paths, including Paganism, Sufism,  Amish and other religious cultures.  Icons, rituals, festivals, symbols (for you vector makers), traditional food, and items as well as spiritual locations.  Be sure when submitting images of churches/mosque/ synagogues to include the name of the building, and where it is located, as they did here.
Keywords:  Christian |   Muslim |  Judaism |  Hindu |  Buddhist |  Spiritual
In a very multicultural world, it is important to show people of many cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. Hispanic, Asian, and African Americans in business settings are highly desired.  As well as families, and groups.  Business settings, home, and school pictures are desired.  We also need people expressing their native cultures, such as Hindu traditions and Native Americans in traditional clothing.
Sports Images and Vectors:
There is a wide world of sports out there, and we need them all.  Football, baseball, soccer, golf, rugby, squash, cricket, tennis, mountain biking, water sports, and winter sports.  From drag racing to curling, we need them all.  For vector makers, be creative!  Make your sports come alive!
Sports:  Winter Sports |  Water Sports |  Soccer |  Football |  Baseball |   Golf
Electronics and Telecommunications:
We all have them:  cell phones, computers, flat panel tv’s, surround sound.  We also need the back bones to these systems:  Server rooms, computer rooms, satellite arrays,  circuit boards and more.  If it makes the internet run, makes your phone ring, or your cable work, we want it!
Do you need a particular image or illustration? Post your requirements in the Project Request Forum!