Although reviewing content is subjective and can be frustrating for both sides, we want you to understand that you are a part of our team now and we treat you like family. We understand how your content is the lifeblood of Cutcaster and will never forget that. Cutcaster is nothing without your contributions. We strive to maintain a transparent, consistent and effective review process. We aren’t always right in our review process and we know it. Just as you sometimes mis-keyword or forget to attach a model release, we make mistakes too and you shouldn’t take it personal at all. We have deliberately assembled a diverse team of photo editors, which have expertise in reviewing content. In some cases, we try to error on the side of caution so everyone is protected. Submitted images are generally reviewed within 24-48 hours. We are fast and know how important it is to get your content out. Reasons for a delay longer than that might include questions surrounding your images like quality or clearance which need a second look. Normally that is resolved within 5-7 business days. Please keep in mind that image review times vary depending on how many editors are currently covering a given review queue and the current volume of submissions on any given day. If you have questions about the details or want to get feedback on your images, we encourage you to email us at with a detailed description and file example to help us. Regardless of the outcomes, we hope that having a team of editors reviewing your images will have value in itself. We are all in this together and will all learn. We look at the reviewing process as a mechanism for ensuring that the best of your work is represented and not necessarily as a door for you to get through as much as you can get approved. Good luck, and Keep on uploading!