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We know when you do something yourself you will do it right and it is hard to trust someone to do research for you, but why not leverage our free photo research and delegate it to us for a chance to show you what we can do. Need an extra set of hands, eyes and team members to help you find the perfect image you are looking for. Pass it on and hand it over to Cutcaster. We can easily integrate into any team environment or unique workflow that you have. Let’s have a brainstorm session and uncover eye-popping imagery for your brief. To save you time, we offer a free picture research service at Cutcaster, in order to help you better locate images you might never have found yourself. Cutcaster employs a team of highly trained photo and vector researchers who know our collection better than anyone else. If we have it, they will find it for you. Save hours in your day by letting us do some of the image research for you. We will often turn research around in an hour or less and larger ones take us less than 24 hours. Are you interested in free photo research? Send us what you are looking for by submitting your photo requests here or email research@cutcaster.com for more help.