1. A chef creating/experimenting with food utilizing molecular gastronomy. (If you are not familiar with what this is, please do a bit of research before submitting photos...it is a very specific type of culinary preparation...and a really fascinating one!). 2. Scientists (ideally with tools) observing recent volcano (possibly Alaska Volcano Observatory?). Ideally, two people or more. 3. An object rusting outside (truck, bike, toy, etc). Prefer to see sky....which would give the idea of wet, rain or snow. 4. A way of preventing rust of an object (garage, cover, shed, etc.). To relate to spec #3 above 5. A scientist studying a pyramid (ideally Egyptian or American). The point is to have the person obviously studying the construction or materials that make up the pyramid in an attempt to determine how the pyramid was constructed. 6. Several pyramid-shaped things: a pyramid-shaped razor sharpener, a pyramid tent, a pyramid with vegetables. In fact, anything that shows an example of 'pyramid power' that does not contain any actual person using the pyramid. 7. An actual pyramid. Ideally, it should be without any people around it as this will be a large background image. 8. Research scientist Alexandra Horowitz, Assistant Professor from Barnard College in New York, working with one or more dogs (who were the subject of her experiment). OR color photo of marine biologist/nature writer Rachel Carson. 9. Theodore Fujita, the Japanese-American scientist who did a lot of research on tornadoes at the University of Chicago, including photographing them from planes overhead and designing and creating a tornado simulator in his laboratory. OR Wayne Fish, research chemist in Oklahoma, who has worked with a team of scientists to come up with a proposal for using reject watermelons as a source for a biofuel. 10. Volcanologist working or observing - using a tool used for measuring or observing. If you have photos you think will work or are similar enough please upload them to Cutcaster or send us an email letting us know that you have it in your image portfolio so we can add it to the lightbox we are creating for this buyer. Thanks.